IPL asks umpires to crack down on chucking

Mumbai: The Indian Premier League has decided to crack down on chucking and has asked the umpires to apply the relevant laws strictly to deal with bowlers with illegal actions.

The Suspect Action Policy, effective from February 1 this year, has detailed the process for dealing with a bowler who are called by the umpires for chucking during the tournament or is suspected by the umpire(s) and/or match referee for bowling with an illegal action in a match, according to its official website www.iplt20.com.

IPL has also asked the umpires and match referees to go by what they see with the naked eye during the match and decide whether the bowler`s action contravenes the relevant Law 24.2 before reporting the bowler.

"The Umpires and Match Referee, in deciding whether to report a Player under this Policy, should use the naked eye for viewing the relevant Player`s bowling action during the Match - either live or on television at normal speed. Slow motion video footage or other technological support should only be used to confirm initial suspicions," the website stated.

The IPL has also circulated to all match officials and relevant franchisees "a list of players who (a) either were on the Warning List at any time in the previous Season or (b) have been reported in BCCI domestic cricket for a suspected illegal bowling action and (c) in either case have not been Cleared by the Committee (the "Initial List")."

"If a Player is called by an Umpire for throwing in accordance with Law 24.2 or is suspected by the Umpire(s) and/or Match Referee for bowling with an Illegal Bowling Action during a Match, the procedures in clause 2 shall apply."

As per cricket`s laws, a third call against a bowler in the same innings by either umpire for chucking would debar him from bowling again in the innings.