Mike Hussey says `loved to bat` against James Anderson

Sydney: Former Australian Test cricket star Mike Hussey is going to present his new book, Underneath the Southern Cross, at the Mona Vale Memorial Hall in New South Wales, on Monday, and said that James Anderson was his favourite out of the current English Test bowlers.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Hussey recently expressed that Andrew Symonds was the funniest guy to play with and his favourite player to bat against was one of the current English Test bowlers, James Anderson.

Hussey said that Anderson loved to chat all day and was quite comical.

He also said that a highlight in his career was coming in to bat when Australia was in trouble and it was a real pressure situation, adding that when one gets the team in a position where it can win the game, that is really rewarding.

Hussey added that he always went to bed with a big smile on his face when he could do that.