People to talk about Sachin`s feat in next 50 years

The way Sachin Tendulkar is piling up records after records, cricket fans will talk about his amazing feats for at least next fifty years, India`s World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev said.

Tendulkar yesterday became the first batsman in the history of Test cricket to reach the 14,000-run mark during the second match against Australia.

"The present generation will only talk about Sachin for another 50 years. I am sure about it as not many people could reach the target that Sachin had set now. He is focused always and that is the reason that nobody could reach his standards," Kapil said.

Tendulkar ended the day on 191 not out but Kapil said he should have got his double hundred today itself.

"I think, I am disappointed. He should have got a 200 today itself. He may be little tired towards the end. But the bowlers were also tired and Tendulkar could have taken on them and could have easily got a 200 hundred," Kapil said on a TV show.

While, Ganguly, one of Sachin`s contemporaries, suspected that anyone in cricketing world could ever scale the number of records that this little master has achieved.

Former captain Sourav Ganguly was sure Tendulkar`s records will remain etched in history and will never be broken.

"Sachin`s marks, I doubt will be reached by anyone," he said.

On Tendulkar`s marathon 308-run partnership with Murali Vijay (139), which was pivotal in a strong Indian reply to Australia`s 478, Ganguly said, "Sachin came in at a very important position when we were 38 for 2. From there he and Murali played outstandingly to take India to a position that they are in now. Sachin`s knock is so invaluable. Sachin and Murali`s knocks were fantastic."