Sizzling romance takes over cricket at SCG

Melbourne: There was a wave of romance, which prevailed in the outer stands of Sydney Cricket Ground, even as Australian batsmen exhibited their brilliant batting display during the second Test match between India and Australia.

While the guys were watching the game, the girls were watching the guys. There were also guys watching girls in between overs and centuries, the Daily Telegraph reported.

One newcomer to the game of cricket, US tourist Jaime Lane, praised the Aussie men in the crowd.

“It’s extremely entertaining,” Lane said.

“It’s a good crowd to be a part of. The Australian guys are much easier to get to know and there’s no sensor or filter in terms of them getting to know the girls.”

“At the baseball there’s a lot more games going on outside the actual game, but this is nice because it’s more about the game and the crowd enjoying themselves watching it.”

For friends Jack Sampson, Harry Matthews and Sam Rolfe, there were other off-field activities to focus on.

“It’s more about the beers,” Jack said, pointing out that the girls’ summer-time outfits weren’t too bad either.

“It’s not a distraction, it’s a bonus.”

English ladies Mitzi David and Ellie Rowe ended their year-long Australian vacation with a sunny day at the SCG.

“It’s the first time we’ve come to the cricket, we wanted to do something Aussie,” Mitzi said.

“This is brilliant, you should start Aussie cricket dating.”

Both the men’s and women’s teams in the stands were rather evenly balanced and the party atmosphere made those ice-breaker questions easier to get away with.

“It’s a lot more relaxed,” Rowe said.

“There’s some nice groups of guys everywhere.”

“It’s a good ratio of men and women ... we’ve been looking.”

While the light beer gets a good run at the cricket, it does not create the same atmosphere that is found inside most nightclubs and similar joints.

“It’s a different attitude, people aren’t going out to get smashed, everyone’s watching the sport, it’s a good vibe," David said.

“This is our plan post-cricket, following everyone to the pub,” David added.