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ICC T20 World Cup 2012 final: West Indies vs Sri Lanka - As it happened...

Updates by Suyash Srivastava
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Sri Lankan innings


Over 18.4|| Score 101

Narine to bowl the penultimate over. Malinga is Out and West Indies are the World Twenty20 champions. The entire team is now entertaining the crowd with the Gangnam Dance! The best part is that they won a tense finale even after Chris Gayle didn't fire. Samuels, Narine, Sammy have all played their part and this victory will do a lot of good both to West Indies cricket and world cricket.

SL Malinga c Bravo b Narine 5 (13b)


Over 18 || Score 101/9

Marlon Samuels to bowl his final over. And he dismisses Mendis who is caught at deep midwicket! Four runs from the over. Windies one wicket away from a fabulous victory!

BAW Mendis c Bravo b Samuels 1 (2b)

Over 17 || Score 97/8

Narine to bowl his third over. And he gets rid of Kulasekara who is caught at deep cover! It was pitched outside the off stump and Kulasekara went hard at it, not timing that well and he is out after playing a good cameo. Three runs from the over.

KMDN Kulasekara c Badree b Narine 26 (13b)


Over 16 || Score 94/7

Rampaul comes back into the attack. Two singles taken off the first two balls. And Kulesekara dispatches the third ball for a Hugge Six! And he smashes the next ball towards midwicket for a boundary! Rampaul offers some width off the next ball and Kula plays a cut shot towards deep backward point for another boundary and it’s a NO BALL as well! And that’s not all as Kulasekara dispatches the free-hit for another boundary towards third-man! The Windies camp is furious! 22 runs from that over!


Over 15|| Score 70/7

Sammy to bowl 15th Over. Thirimanne attempts a big stroke, doesn’t connect well and is caught at wide long on. Sammy celebrates the dismissal Gangnam Style! The crowd is left stunned. Malinga is the new batsman.

HDRL Thirimanne c Charles b Sammy 4 (7b)


Over 14|| Score 68/6

Samuels to bowl his third over. And now Perera is run-out! The Lankans are looking in a hurry here. They have lost the wicket of big-hitting Perera who could have changed things with some huge blows. Four runs from the over.

NLTC Perera run out 3 (5b)


Over 13 || Score 64/5

Narine to bowl his second over. Sri Lanka are 16 runs behind Windies according to D/L. And Narine strikes gets Mahela Out! Mahela was under pressure after the light drizzle and he attempted another reverse-sweep and Sammy at point takes a very easy catch. That’s a huge blow for Sri Lanka. Perera is the new batsman. And Sri Lanka lose another wicket! Mendis is run-out! The Windies camp is ecstatic! Four runs and two wickets in that over!

DPMD Jayawardene c Sammy b Narine 33 (36b)

BMAJ Mendis run out 3 (3b)


Over 12 || Score 60/4

Badree to bowl his last over. Mahela is now aware of how many runs he needs to score to meet the deficit according to D/L. Andre Russell drops Mahela at deep midwicket off a very tough chance. Seven runs off the over.


Over 11 || Score 53/3

Windies skipper Sammy comes into the attack. He creates pressure with three dot balls. And he gets a wicket fourth ball! The dangerous Angelo Mathews is Out as he tries to play an innovative shot and the ball hits the stumps. The West Indies are back into the game. There’s a light drizzle and D/L could come into picture.

AD Mathews b Sammy 1 (5b)


Over 10|| Score 51/2

Badree to bowl his third over. He bowls a short one and Sanga pulls it towards deep square leg where Kieron Pollard dives to his front to take a good catch! And a big one of Kumar Sangakkara! Four runs from the over.

KC Sangakkara c Pollard b Badree 22 (26b)


Over 9|| Score 47/1

Gayle to bowl his second over. Sanga goes over extra-cover for a boundary! Eight runs from the over.


Over 8 || Score 39/1

Sunil Narine comes into the attack. And straight away deceives Sanga with three off-breaks. Good start from Narine. Just 3 runs from the over.


Over 7 || Score 36/1

Chris Gayle comes into the attack. He disappointed with the bat today. Six singles from the over.


Over 6 || Score 30/1

Rampaul brought back into the attack. Four runs from the over. Both Mahela and Sanga are not taking any risks at the moment.


Over 5|| Score 26/1

Marlon Samuels to bowl his second over. Just three runs from the over.


Over 4|| Score 23/1

Badree brought back into the attack. He offers width off the first ball and Mahela easily cuts that for a boundary! Eight runs from the over.


Over 3 || Score 15/1

Marlon Samuels comes into the attack. Sanga takes a single off the first ball. A dot ball. Mahela scores a couple. Mahela sweeps off the next ball, doesn’t connect well and Bravo drops him at deep square leg on 7. Mahela takes a single. A dot ball. Four runs from the over.


Over 2 || Score 11/1

Ravi Rampaul to bowl the second over. And he strikes first ball! It was a sharp inswinger that knocked the stumps! Dilshan is Out! Rampaul gets Windies to a good start here. Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman. He defends the first ball back to Rampaul for no run. Rampaul moves the ball away from Sanga who nicks the ball through second slips for a boundary! Sanga takes a single towards fine leg. Mahela plays the fifth ball towards covers for no run. A dot ball to end the over.

TM Dilshan b Rampaul 0 (3b)


Over 1 || Score 6/0

Mahela and Dilshan to open for the Lankans, Badree will bowl the first over. Mahela gets off the mark with a single off the second ball. Mahela plays a late cut off the fourth ball as the ball rushes to third-man for a boundary! A dot ball.


First innings: The West Indies skipper has tried his best to get his side to a competitive score. Sammy scored 26 runs from just 15 balls and now he would want his bowlers to get some early breakthroughs! Sunil Narine will be the key bowler for the Windies. Sri Lanka need 138 runs to win.

Over 20|| Score 137/6

Kulasekara to bowl the last over. Sammy scores a couple off the first ball. Sammy smashes the second ball at the gap between long-on and deep-midwicket for a boundary! Sammy follows it with a couple. Sammy works a fuller length ball towards deep midwicket for another couple. 10 runs from the over so far. Sammy plays the next ball towards long-off and the batsmen run hard for two runs, the umpire signals one run short. 12 runs from the over. One more ball to go. Kulasekara bowls a fuller length ball and Sammy smashes it straight for a boundary! 16 runs from the over.


Over 19|| Score 121/6

Malinga to bowl the penultimate over. Ramdin gets off strike with a single off the first ball. Malinga follows it with another Yorker, Sammy gets his bat in time and the ball rushes past fine leg for a boundary. Sammy takes a single next ball. Ramdin follows it with another single. Sammy hits one high in the air which lands safe. Sammy takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike.


Over 18 || Score 112/6

Dhananjaya brought back into the attack. He begins with a short one, Samuels tries to hit another big hit, but finds Mahela on the boundary. That ends an entertaining innings. Four runs from the over.

MN Samuels c BMAJ Mendis b Dananjaya 78 (56b)


Over 17 || Score 108/5

Malinga to bowl his third over. He begins with a Yorker and Samuels scores a single. Sammy works the next ball towards square leg for a single. Samuels gets some room off the next ball and he plays that over cover for a boundary! Malinga follows it with a short ball and Samuels smashes that over . That six also brings brings 100 runs for the Windies! Malinga bowls a fuller length ball, in the slot for Samuels who dispatches that for another six over deep-midwicket! That travels 108 m, probably the longest six of the tournament. Samuels keeps the strike with a single. 19 runs from the over.


Over 16 || Score 88/5

Mendis to bowl his last over. And he strikes again, gets another danger man Kieron Pollard! Pollard got some width and he tried to hit the ball over Dhananjaya at point who took the catch in his second attempt. Andre Russell is the new batsman. And he OUT first ball! Ajantha Mendis is on a hat-trick! Three more balls to go. Mendis offers some width and Sammy almost played it on his stumps. No hat-trick for Mendis. Samuels works the next ball straight to Mendis for no run. Samuels ends the over with a quick single.

AD Russell lbw b BAW Mendis 0 (1b)

KA Pollard c Dananjaya b BAW Mendis 2 (4b)


Over 15|| Score 87/3

Jeevan Mendis to bowl his third over. Samuels hits another Six off the third ball of the over. And he follows it with a boundary! Samuels is the key man for the West Indies. 14 runs from the over. Samuels reaches 59 off 48 balls.


Over 14|| Score 73/3

Mendis to bowl his third over. Four runs came off the first five balls and Bravo was trapped in front off the last ball! The Birthday Boy was not pleased with that decision. Mendis picks his second wicket. Pollard is the new batsman.

DJ Bravo lbw b BAW Mendis 19 (19b)


Over 13 || Score 69/2

Malinga to bowl his second over. He begins a perfect Yorker and Bravo does well to work that for a single. Malinga goes full again and Samuels flicks that over deep midwicket for a massive Six! Malinga offers it with some width and this time Samuels goes on the off-side for another Six! Two great shots from Samuels! Samuels takes a single towards third-man. Bravo takes a single off the fifth ball. Malinga bowls a slower one last ball, Samuels was all set for it and he clobbers that over long-on for the third Six of the over! What an over for the West Indies. Samuels has targeted their best bowler! 21 runs from the over.


Over 12 || Score 48/2

Dananjaya to continue. He goes fuller and the Birthday Boy smashes that over deep-midwicket for the first Six of the innings! Windies will want some more of those hits. Ten runs from the over.


Over 11 || Score 38/2

Jeevan Mendis brought into the attack. Samuels was dropped by Kulasekara off a tough chance at long-off. Six runs from the over.


Over 10|| Score 32/2

Dananjaya comes into the attack. Three runs from the over. Excellent start from the 19-year-old. Half way through the match, the Windies have managed just 32 runs.


Over 9|| Score 29/2

Mathews to bowl his last over. Mathews drove one past covers but Malinga dived on his right to save a certain boundary. Samuels scored another couple off the next ball. He’s now finding the middle of his bat. Mathews ends an excellent spell (4-1-11-1) in the high-octane clash. He bowled the first over and helped Sri Lanka bring the Windies under tremendous pressure.


Over 8 || Score 22/2

Mendis bowls his second over. Samuels and Bravo are struggling to find boundaries. For runs from the over. The Windies are under pressure due to their over defensive approach in the power play that produced just 14 runs.


Over 7 || Score 18/2

Mathews bowls his third over. Another good over from Mathews. He is moving the ball into the right-hander on a consistent basis. Just 4 runs from the over. Windies are for sure under pressure here.


Over 6 || Score 15/2

Ajantha Mendis brought into the attack. Samuels takes a single off the second ball and Gayle played two dot balls. Gayle survived an lbw appeal. But Mendis was rewarded for some good bowling and was dismissed by Mendis off the fifth ball. Gayle is OUT! In comes the birthday boy Dwayne Bravo. Mendis ends an excellent over with a dot ball.

CH Gayle lbw b BAW Mendis 3 (16b)


Over 5|| Score 12/1

Lasith Malinga comes into the attack. Gayle takes a single off the first ball. Samuels follows it with another single. Malinga swings one away from Gayle who attempted a stroke on that one. Gayle takes a single towards third man. Samuels follows it with another single. Gayle sees the last ball go through to the keeper.


Over 4|| Score 8/1

Kulasekara to continue. Samuels gets some width and he smashes that for their first boundary on the off-side. He nudges the second ball for no run. Samuels takes a single. A huge lbw appeal turned down by Simon Taufel. Gayle gets off the mark with a quick single off the fifth ball. Samuels plays the last ball towards point for no run.


Over 3 || Score 2/1

Mathews to continue. He once again bowls three dot balls on the trot! Samuels tries to play a shot on the leg-side as the ball hit his pads, the Sri Lankans appeal for an lbw, turned down by the umpire. Samuels gets off the mark with a flick on the leg-side. Gayle on strike. Mathews once again beats Gayle with one that moves away. Just one run from the over.


Over 2 || Score 1/1

Kulasekara bowls the second over. He bowls three dot balls to the danger man Chris Gayle. Kulasekara follows it with a Wide ball and thus the Windies have the first run on the board! Gayle works the next ball towards point for no run. Kulasekara swings the next ball away from Gayle who almost nicked the ball to Sangakkara. Gayle works the last ball on the leg-side for no run. Good bowling from Kulasekara.


Over 1 || Score 0/1

Gayle and Charles open for Windies, Mathews bowls the first over. Mathews began with a very tight line and bowled four dot balls. Charles tried to make some room on the fifth ball which was a bouncer straight into the body, hit it high in the air and was caught by Kulasekara. Windies lost their first wicket without a run on the board! Great start for the Lankans! Marlon Samuels is the new batsman. Maiden over and a wicket for Mathews!

J Charles c Kulasekara b Mathews 0 (5b)



Sri Lanka: DPMD Jayawardene*, TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara, AD Mathews, BMAJ Mendis, HDRL Thirimanne, NLTC Perera, KMDN Kulasekara, SL Malinga, A Dananjaya, BAW Mendis

West Indies: J Charles, CH Gayle, MN Samuels, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, AD Russell, D Ramdin†, DJG Sammy*, SP Narine, R Rampaul, S Badree

TOSS: West Indies have won the toss and they have decided to bat first.


WT20 in PICS»

TOSS will be at 6: 45 pm (IST)

The match will start at 7:00 pm (IST)

Sri Lanka Squad

Mahela Jayawardene (c), Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Jeevan Mendis, Thisara Perera, Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Nuwan Kulasekara, Rangana Herath, Ajantha Mendis, Lasith Malinga, Akila Dananjaya Perera, Dinesh Chandimal, Shaminda Eranga, Dilshan Munaweera

West Indies Squad

Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy (c), Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Samuel Badree, Ravi Rampaul, Dwayne Smith, Darren Bravo, Fidel Edwards, Lendl Simmons

Umpires: Aleem Dar(Pak), Simon Taufel(Aus)
Third Umpire: Rod Tucker(Aus)
Match Referee: Jeff Crowe(NZ)


Colombo: Sri Lanka would look to rein in a marauding Chris Gayle, whose performance may be a determining factor when the dominating hosts clash with an upbeat West Indies in the final of the World Twenty20 here on Sunday.

Sri Lanka are aiming to win their second world title after a gap of 16 years as their first and only World trophy came in 1996 while the Caribbean side are playing a World event final after nearly 30 years, having last played against India at the Lord`s in 1983.

Sri Lanka should be favourites not only because of home conditions but also due to the variety of players from Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara to Thisara Perera who can change their game according to the needs.

The West Indies on the other hand have some very competent T20 players in Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard but all of them love to rally around Gayle who is the pivotal force in this Caribbean set-up.

Darren Sammy and his bunch of brave-hearts know that Gayle`s performance will be key in the outcome of the match.

The situation was summed up aptly by Australia captain George Bailey after suffering a crushing 74-run defeat against the Caribbean side on Friday.

"If Sri Lanka can get Gayle out under 20 runs, they are the favourites to win the title but if they can`t then West Indies are too strong," Bailey opined when he was asked about the favourite team to win the Cup.

For the West Indies, a lot of things will be at stake in the match. It`s not that there will be a sea change in the declining cricket culture in the Caribbean islands but a victory on global stage might provide encouragement for the youth, who are more obsessed with basketball and dream of making the cut in the NBA league.

The win also help Sammy get some breathing space after constant speculation for the past year about whether he is good enough to lead the West Indies.

A gentleman to the core, Sammy has handled all kinds of uncomfortable questions with aplomb but a victory tomorrow might help him capture the imagination of the cricket loving public in the Caribbean.

Gayle, who smashed his way to a 41-ball-75 against Australia, knows too well that T20 is a game where luck plays a factor.