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3rd Ashes Test: England vs Australia - As it happened...

England, spurred by impressive bowling from now-injured James Anderson and comeback Steven Finn won the match comprehensively, within three days. They have beaten Australia by 8 wickets to take a 2-1 lead in the five match series. After losing the wicket of skipper Alastair Cook and Adam Lyth, experienced hands in Ian Bell and Joe Root steadied the innings, with the latter hitting the winning boundary. The next match at Nottingham starts August 6, and given the fluctuating nature of the series we have witnessed so far, expect the unexpected.

3rd Ashes Test: England vs Australia - As it happened...

New Delhi: England, spurred by impressive bowling from now-injured James Anderson and comeback Steven Finn won the match comprehensively, within three days. They have beaten Australia by 8 wickets to take a 2-1 lead in the five match series. After losing the wicket of skipper Alastair Cook and Adam Lyth, experienced hands in Ian Bell and Joe Root steadied the innings, with the latter hitting the winning boundary. The next match at Nottingham starts August 6, and given the fluctuating nature of the series we have witnessed so far, expect the unexpected.

Australia: 136 & 265
England: 281 & 2nd Innings target 121

Over 32.1 || Score 124/2 (Bell 65, Root 38)

Joe Root played Mitchell Marsh's wayward delivery for a four through the square boundary. With that England won the match by eight wickets.

Over 32 || Score 120/2 (Bell 65, Root 34)

Nathan Lyon gave away six runs as England levelled the score. The over started with two dot balls, then Joe Root got his fifth four of the innings, sweeping to the backward area. he then took a single to make it a six-run over.

England need one run.

Over 31 || Score 114/2 (Bell 64, Root 29)

With match gone, Michael Clarke introduced Mitchell Marsh. The over leaked four runs, a boundary for Joe Root off the last deivery, cut through the back-ward point area.

England need seven runs.

Over 30 || Score 110/2 (Bell 64, Root 25)

One eventful over from Nathan Lyon. Three dot balls to start with, then Ian Bell and Joe Root rotated the strike taking two singles, then an awkward bounce off the last delivery. Unluckily for the bowler, there was no close in fielder except the first slip. And Bell took two runs.

England need another 11 runs.

Over 29 || Score 106/2 (Bell 61, Root 24)

Mitchell Johnson got another over, and did enough to ask the umpires some question. After a dot ball, Joe Root seemed to clipped the ball with Peter Nevill collecting neatly. Johnson called off his run up for the last delivery, to the boos of the crowd. He responded with his own take, a delivery from behind the umpire. A maiden over for his effort.

Over 28 || Score 106/2 (Bell 61, Root 24)

A single to start the over, then two dot balls later, Joe Root swept Nathan Lyon for a four. Bell played defended the two balls. Five runs from the over.

England need 15 more runs to win the match. Only the formality left now.

Over 27 || Score 101/2 (Bell 57, Root 23)

Joe Root added another single to the total. And a busy Peter Nevill lept on his left to collect a wayward Mitchell Johnson delivery. Australia finally brought in lot more close in fielders and as expected Johnson produced a short ball, but it missed the line, asking Nevill once again to cover his left. Great take. Ian Bell got a body blow as Johnson finally got his line on the spot. Bell then fended off the last delivery. Only one run from the over.

In between, Tea has been delayed by 15 minutes. Reasons, too obvious.

Over 26 || Score 100/2 (Bell 57, Root 22)

Nathan Lyon into the action. Ian Bell took a single, working from the back foot wowards the leg. Then the first SIX of the innings. Joe Root played a risk-laden sweep shot, but the ball sailed over the midwicket boundary. A dot ball later, Root once again tried to loft the spinner, but the ball landed safely after taking a top-edge, for a single. Bell than drove through the cover for a four.

England reached 100, need 21 more.

Over 25 || Score 88/2 (Bell 52, Root 15)

Mitchell Johnson started his fifth over well, pitching on the off stump and carrying through to the wicket-keeper, which Joe Root left. Root played the second ball from outside, front foot planting firmly, towards the covers. Another dot ball, outside off. he played another front foot shot, which was fielded at gully by a diving Aussie fielder. Peter Nevill was called into action, to collect the ball in the leg side. The over ended with  a half-hearted LBW shout, on Root, caught in back-foot, with the ball cutting back after pitching on the off-stump line. A maiden over.

Over 24 || Score 88/2 (Bell 52, Root 15)

A dot ball from Mitchell Starc, outside off then a WIDE, on the same channel. Peter Nevill did well to collect the ball in front of the second slip. Another wide, same channel. Then, Ian Bell got his second fifty of the match after guiding the fourth delivery, finding the space between gully and slip cordon. Two dots followed.

England need another 33 runs.

Over 23 || Score 82/2 (Bell 48, Root 15)

Josh Hazlewood on and started with outswinger for a dot to Joe Root. Another dot ball, back of the length. Then, Root played at the last moment to his third four of the day, straight down the ground. Two more dot balls to complete the over.

Over 22 || Score 78/2 (Bell 48, Root 11)

Mitchell Starc replaced ineffective Nathan Lyon. Four dot balls, then Ian Bell played on the leg for two. A dot ball and Starc completed five overs today.

England need another 43 runs to win.

Over 21 || Score 76/2 (Bell 46, Root 11)

Michael Clarke stuck with Josh Hazlewood, the best bowler in this innings so far. Ian Bell took a single off the second ball and an unflinching Joe Root blocked out the remaining deliveries.

Over 20 || Score 75/2 (Bell 45, Root 11)

Another tidy over from Nathan Lyon. One run off it, with Ian Bell taking a single off the last delivery. Bell is nearing his fifty. There were occasional calls from the wicket-keeper, but all-in-all, nothing to trouble Bell. And England need another 46 runs.

Over 19 || Score 74/2 (Bell 44, Root 11)

Good spell from Josh Hazlewood to Ian Bell. The Aussie pace bowler still got enough pace to beat the bat and have successfully put the batsman in a spot of bother. However, Bell took a couple off the fourth delivery, then a single followed to make it a three-run over.

Over 18 || Score 71/2 (Bell 41, Root 11)

Nathan Lyon gave away three runs in his sixth over, all singles. Ian Bell took a single off the first ball, then Joe Root took three balls to take his single. Bell, then, took a single off the sixth ball.

The English duo have added 20 runs together, it effectively sounded death knell for Australia. Only fifty needed.

Over 17 || Score 68/2 (Bell 39, Root 10)

A tidy over from Josh Hazlewood, conceded a single to Ian Bell. In the last three overs, Australia have restricted the run flow. But with a such a small target, they will need plenty more wickets to give themselves a realistic chance to stay in the match. It's been a terrible outing for Australia.

Over 16 || Score 67/2 (Bell 38, Root 10)

Nathan Lyon returned to the attack, and almost got the wicket of  Joe Root, who tried to launch over leg side boundary. But the ball landed safely, in no-man's land for a couple. That was off the last ball of the over.

Earlier, Ian Bell got a single off the second ball. And Drinks!

Over 15 || Score 64/2 (Bell 37, Root 8)

Another Mitchell Johnson over, this time, from over the wicket. Ian Bell got a single off the second ball, then Joe Root planted hi feet firmly, doing not a wrong thing and saw off Australia's main bowler.

England need another 57 runs. With the run rate going over four, they should complete the work in another 15 overs or so.

Over 14 || Score 63/2 (Bell 36, Root 8)

Joe Root is a class act. After playing three dot balls, launched the fourth one, in fact, smacked through the point for his second four of the day.

Only four runs from Hazlewood's third over.

Over 13 || Score 59/2 (Bell 36, Root 4)

Mitchell Johnson continued to run in with fire, but failed to take wicket. Wickets, that's what Australia need. England, on the hand, are happy to play whichever game Australia are bringing in.

Four runs from the over, thanks to two doubles -- all by Ian Bell. And England need 62 more runs.

Over 12 || Score 55/2 (Bell 32, Root 4)

First ball wicket for Josh Hazlewood. Good bowling change from Michael Clarke to bring in Hazlewood. Right-am pace bowler's pace beat Adam Lyth and caught in front of the wicket. LBW from the umpire. Lyth opted to review, it was in vain.

Adam Lyth lbw b Josh Hazlewood 12 (28b)

Joe Root joined Bell in the centre. And soon got into the action, getting his first four. England need another 66 runs.

Over 11 || Score 51/1 (Lyth 12, Bell 32)

Another maiden over for Australia. Ian Bell showed the respect it deserved. Johnson got the ball to swing, and playing a moving ball at that pace, Bell got to show some respect. Maiden over. But how long will Australia able to postpone the verdict?

Over 10 || Score 51/1 (Lyth 12, Bell 32)

Nathan Lyon in action and a maiden over. Adam Lyth got himself some reading to do with Lyon getting good spin from the pitch. Peter Nevill, who has been quite impressive in his short Australia career, showed his shouting ability too. Last ball of the over got Lyth caught in front, and Lyon got the field got a pretty loud, long shout from the wicket-kepper. But no support from his mates.

Over 9 || Score 51/1 (Lyth 12, Bell 32)

Ok. Johnson is here.

He ran in hard and the result, four dot balls to Bell. But off the fifth ball, a short ball, which was played with risk by the batsman, and a four, flew over the gully fielder. A dot ball to end the over, but England are racing away.

Over 8 || Score 47/1 (Lyth 12, Bell 28)

Another productive over for England as both Bell and Lyth, confident and boisterous, showed good foot-work to counter Nathan Lyon. The over started with a dot ball to Bell, the English batsman produced a delicate late cut for a four. It was followed by a couple, then a single to give Lyth the strike.

Lyth, then, got to the pitch of the delivery and blasted through the extra cover area for another four.

11 runs of the over and England need another 74 runs tow in the match. And still, there's no sign of Mitchell Johnson.

Over 7 || Score 36/1 (Lyth 8, Bell 21)

Ian Bell, who made a stroke-full half-century in the first innings, is making a short work of this little target. He just milked Mitchell Starc for three fours, all sublime shots - first one a straight drive off the very first ball of the over, then through the cover off the very next ball. After a dot ball, Bell glanced ever so finely for his fifth four of the innings.

But, Starc got his chance. An easy chance at second slip, but Clarke failed to hold on.

Over 6 || Score 23/1 (Lyth 8, Bell 8)

Clarked persisted with Lyon and the spinner got enough spin to trouble Lyth. But the over ended up costing four runs as a bad fielding at backward point allowed Lyth to get his second four.

England's target within hundred now. 98 more.

Over 5 || Score 19/1 (Lyth 4, Bell 8)

Australia got their man, off the very first delivery of Mitchell Starc's third over. A beauty of a delivery went straight through the defence of England skipper Alastair Cook and the stumps castled.

Alastair Cook b Mitchell Starc 7 (12b)

Ian Bell is the new man for England. And first down is on to the works, hitting two fours off the over. England inching closer to a win, despite the fall of their skipper.

Over 4 || Score 11/0 (Cook 7, Lyth 4)

Desperate times, desperate measures! Michael Clarke invoked spinner Nathan Lyon as early as the fourth over of the match and there is no sign of that proverbial 'wear and tear' on this Edgbaston pitch.

Alastair Cook played out the first five deliveries, taking three singles off the penultimate delivery. Lyth handled the sixth ball pretty well, playing with a straight bat.

Over 3 || Score 8/0 (Cook 4, Lyth 4)

Post Lunch, England started in a cautious note with Adam Lyth on strike to Mitchell Starc. After two dot balls, Lyth got his first boundary of the innings -- through the covers -- then, blocked out the remaining deliveries.

England need another 113 runs with 10 wickets in hand.


Over 2 || Score 4/0 (Cook 4, Lyth 0)

After a quick innings-break, the play resumed in Birmingham with England a small target of 121 runs to win the third Test. Both Alastair Cook and Adam Lyth applied themselves and faced the 12 balls that were bowled before the Lunch.

As expected Mitchell Johnson started the proceedings in the fourth innings, but he failed to provide the breakthrough in his six-ball spell. Josh Hazlewood shared the new ball with him.

Earlier, Steven Finn took a career-best six for 79 as Australia were dismissed for 265 in their second innings. For the visitors, opener David Warner top-scored with 77, while Test newbie Peter Nevill scored with 59 and Mitchell Starc with 58 contributed well to delay the English charge.

OVERS 79.1: Lyon hits a good shot towards midwicket boundary for a four. Lyon then gets another this time off Stokes and lead goes past 110. Three decent overs are bowled before Finn comes back. He gives away just a single and one over left for the new ball to be taken. Ali bowls and well that is all over for Australia. WICKET!!! Starc chips the ball to extra-cover and gets caught.

MA Starc c sub (JE Poysden) b Ali 58 (108b)

OVERS 73: Starc hits a shot and gets four through mid-off. He then goes for a big slog and gets a maximum. Ali gives away 10 runs from the over. Starc gets to his fifty and lead touches 100. WICKET!!! Ben Stokes comes in and gets Hazlewood caught at slips. Root with a sharp catch there. Lyon is the next man in and survives two close LBW appeals.

JR Hazlewood c Root b Stokes 11 (20b)

OVERS 71: Broad bowls three dot balls before Hazlewood pushes for three runs. A run is taken next before Hazlewood picks another two. Finn bowls a tidy over for a single and he hold the key from here on. Spin is introduced and Ali starts with a maiden. Finn bowls another tidy over and Cook will look to give him some rest now. Ali continues and Hazlewood cuts the third ball for four. Root comes in next to bowl and Starc hits a clean shot for four. 90 runs the lead now.

OVERS 65: Wicket for Steven Finn! You can't keep him out of the action. He gets his sixth wicket and Nevill departs. The ball drifts down the leg side and Nevill looks to nudge the ball and Buttler takes a diving one-handed catch. Nevill departs for a well made 59. Hazlewood comes in. A decent over follows and England are two wickets away.

PM Nevill c Buttler b Finn 59 (147b)

OVERS 64: The Aussie pair has been batting well and the runs have flown easily. Finn has been costly this morning and both Starc and Nevill have read him well. Chances haven't come for England so far and a patient approach will be the key. Starc has supported Nevill well as the pair continue to get the runs.

OVERS 61: England have leaked runs this morning. Australia have got their lead past 50. Broad continues and a poor fielding by Ali allows a four. Finn bowls a good looking over with four runs coming off the over as Starc gets a thick outside edge and the ball gets to the boundary.  Broad then bowls the day's first maiden over as Nevill is watchful. Finn then bowls outside the off-side channel and Starc drives for a four. Another leading edge produces three runs as the fifty partnership comes up between the two. No gully and Nevill gets another four past that vacant region.

OVERS 57: Finn shares the ball with Broad and the first two deliveries are genuinely bowled outside the off-stump. A half-volley next and Starc pushes the ball firmly and gets a three. Nevill leaves the next ball alone and then gets an inside edge that takes the ball towards the boundary. The last ball is a poor one drifting down the leg and Nevill gets to his fifty with a four. 

OVERS 56: Broad starts off with the day's proceedings. Nevill steers a ball down to the boundary towards the third slip area. A couple is taken next through gully. Two more runs are taken through the slips region. The other balls were left alone. Eight runs come from the over. 

Just in: England have suffered a major blow ahead of the third day's play in the ongoing Ashes Test match against Australia at Edgbaston. James Anderson has suffered a suspected torn muscle in-between his ribs. He will miss the fourth Test.



England have taken the Aussies to the brink and will eye to win the third Test as quickly as possible on Friday itself. Australia who are 23 runs ahead have lost seven of their batsmen with England's Steven Finn picking five wickets. Peter Nevill has settled in well and has hung in there for a good looking 37 runs. Alongside him batting is Mitchell Starc on 7.

Australia's batting in this Test match has been poor in both innings and they have looked a pale shadow of themselves from the second match where they uprooted England. Apart from David Warner none of the Aussie batsmen have contributed anything and the scorecard tells a picture they will not be happy with. 

The first session will hold key as England will look to wrap up the Aussie innings quickly and go for a win before the lunch break itself. James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Steven Finn have all bowled well and have shared seven wickets between them. Finn will be England's main bowler to watch out for after he terrorised the Australian batting at crucial junctures. The sporting wicket at Edgbaston has produced a very good brand of cricket and the supporters will enjoy the third day too, after 27 wickets fell in the first two days.

Ian Bell, James Anderson and Steven Finn have been the top players in this Test match and England will feel they have ticked off boxes well.

A win is crucial for England here as they will go up 2-1 in the five-match Test series.