Dimitar Berbatov wants a pop at Hollywood stardom post retirement

London: Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov has reportedly revealed that he wants to become a film star after he retires from football and it appears that he has settled on Hollywood .

Berbatov, who is currently on loan with AS Monaco, reportedly wants to follow in the footsteps of former French International Eric Cantona.

Berbatov said that he has played the way he plays all his life adding that he tries to do different and beautiful things to play the game the way he sees it, Metro.co.uk reports.

The former Manchester United striker said that to have a comparison to Cantona, who is currently a French actor, is not fair because he used to be a great player for United adding that the goals Cantona scored and the way he put his collar, he was really cool.

Berbatov said that Cantona then went to movies and he is a big fan of movies as well, so when he finishes football he will definitely try to be part of some movie, the report added.