John Terry`s photograph may be removed from Indian cigarette packets

London: Chelsea captain John Terry`s blurry photograph, which was being used on cigarette packets as a part of anti-smoking campaign, will likely be replaced by another image soon, a senior official from India`s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has revealed.

Terry`s lawyers had threatened to take legal action over the use of his photograph, but while the Indian officials had incessantly denied that image was of Terry, have now finally decided to exterminate the controversy.

"The picture could be of any man. It is only the fertile imagination of some who see Terry in it. However, the controversy has been an unseemly one, and so we are looking at a fresh set of warnings," a daily quoted an Indian official, as telling to an Indian newspaper.

In the picture, Terry appears topless with a mock sketch showing his lungs heavily tarred above a banner that reads: "Smoking Kills."

The image was approved for release by the Indian health ministry last year after being supplied by the government`s Directorate of Visual Publicity.