Platini will be a good FIFA president, says Blatter

Paris: Sepp Blatter, whose spell at the helm expires in 2015, believes Europe will fight to keep control of world soccer`s governing body with UEFA president Platini of France a natural candidate.

"Michel Platini is ready, if he wants. He says `I don`t know yet...` but deep inside, he wants it," the 75-year-old Blatter told France Football magazine on Tuesday.

"Of course he will be a good president. He will not be the same president that I am, because everyone is different but he will be a good president."

Blatter reaffirmed that his current spell in charge would be his last.

"At some point, you have to stop. I`m trying to reach 2015. I`m coming towards the end of my presidency but I want to install the next governance," he said.

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