Real Madrid’s Mourinho on verge of losing ‘real’ support

Madrid: Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is struggling to keep control over the Los Blancos dressing room following a major argument. Mourinho is reported to have criticized his players for failing to defend his negative tactics during their 2-1 Spanish Cup loss to Barcelona.

“All the Spanish players have been world champions and your friends in the Press protect you. Like the keeper,” The Sun quoted Mourinho, as saying it to defender Sergio Ramos.

Captain Iker Casillas who was standing some 30-yard away reacted to this jibe by Mourinho and shouted, “Hey, boss, here we say things face to face, OK?”

When Ramos clarified a change in strategy for the corner, which led to Barca`s first goal, Mourinho reacted and said, “Are you trying to be the manager now?”

“No, but at times we have to change the markings. As you have never worn shorts, you don`t know these situations arise,” replied Ramos.