Looking for some fireworks in 2014: Daniel Chopra

New Delhi: In a career spanning over 20 years, two-time PGA tour winner Daniel Chopra feels he has "under-achieved" but after regaining his 2014 PGA tour card, the Indian-born Swede golfer is now looking for something "spectacular" in the season ahead.

The 39-year-old golfer, who finished 21st on the 2013 Web.Com Tour regular season money list to earn his PGA Tour card, said he played well but he will look for some "fireworks" next season.

"I played well and consistently but I didn`t have anything spectacular. I had a couple of third place finishes but never had any really low rounds. I was solid which is nice. I got my card for the PGA tour and that is a success," said Chopra, who finished tied third at the mid-Atlantic Championship and Price Cutter Charity Championship this season.

"I sacrificed a few PGA tour events which I could have played but I stayed at the web.Com to secure my card for next year and those sacrifices were worthwhile in the end.

"My game is good. I am not worried about any aspect of my good, every part is reasonably good. It is not spectacular but nothing is bad either, it is a reflection of the season I had," he added.

Reflecting on his career so far, Chopra said: "I think I have under-achieved. I feel I could have done a lot more. I hope it is yet to come. I am more experienced now.

"As I grow older, some of my ball striking is becoming consistent and I am a great putter. So I think I am getting better and better. If my career ends now, I would have achieved 25 per cent. So I have to rectify that," he said.

Asked what is his target next season, Chopra said: "I would be looking for more consistency, little more fireworks, some more spectacular rounds. If I had a few spectacular rounds of 63s and 64s, I could have won. I had lots of 68s and 70s."

play in the web.Com because of the travelling. "It is tough in web.Com because there are a lot of smaller cities in America, so we have to travel a lot and with three-and-a-half-year old twins at home, I want to go back home after every event. So every week I am taking four flights, which is a grind," he said.

However, Chopra, who won the 2001 Mercuries Taiwan Masters in the Asian Tour, said: "It is always a good idea to spend a year in web.Com.

"I think for somebody who is new to jump into PGA tour can be overwhelming. If you have not played golf in America, it is good to know how the country works for a year, where to stay, where to eat, it is a huge advantage to play in web.Com," he added.

Raised by his grandparents in India, Chopra won the All-India Junior Golf Championship at age 14.

"I love coming back to India. I had played at the Subhkamna event and Shiv`s IPL sytle gold tournament. So I just need an excuse to come to India,"

He turned pro in 1992 and from 1996 to 2002 he played intermittently on the European Tour, sometimes failing to retain his tour card.

In 2004, Chopra joined the PGA Tour and won his first PGA Tour event at the Ginn sur Mer Classic at Tesoro in 2007. He clinched another title at the season opening Mercedes-Benz Championship.

However, Chopra suffered a career slump after that and in 2010, he lost his Tour Card. He won the Nationwide Tour`s Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae in 2011 and then regained his PGA Tour card for 2012 after finishing 19th on the money list.

But he finished 188th on the Tour`s money list to go back to the newly renamed Web.Com Tour for 2013.

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