McIlroy says trying to emulate Woods cost him The Masters last year

London: World number two golfer Rory McIlroy has revealed that trying to be like his childhood idol Tiger Woods during the Augusta National last year had cost him The Masters, but this time he has vowed to play his own game.

“I think growing up watching Tiger win all those Majors, he gives out this aura where everything is just so focused. It`s like, ``I`m going to rip your head off`` on that first tee,” a daily quoted McIlroy, as saying.

“I quickly found out that isn`t me, and that isn`t how I play my best golf. The way I approached it was out of character for me. I think one of the things I learnt was that as a person and as a golfer, I wasn`t ready to win the Masters - wasn`t ready to win a Major. I was trying to be too focused, too perfect,” he added.

“Mentally, now I feel like if I get myself in a position again, I`ll be able to approach it a lot better. It’s just great to be back,” he said.

McIlroy is confident that he can win the green jacket this year, as he is better prepared now.

“The first time I played the back nine last week, there were memories that came back and some you probably don`t want. I got that all out of the way and now I am looking forward to trying to put myself in contention to win this thing,” he said.