It`s better to be unknown: Vikas

London: He is one of India`s best bets for an Olympic medal in boxing, but world number six Vikas Krishan does not quite like the spotlight on him as he feels it is better to be "unknown" to lead a normal life.

"It is good to be unknown," 20-year-old Asian Games gold-medallist said in an interaction at the Games Village here today.

"Too much publicity impinges in the private life of a person. I can`t do normal things which people of my age do. I can`t even talk loudly or criticise somebody because people and media will blow it out of proportion," he added.

But the boxer conceded that a bit of limelight is good for the sport in general.

"I am talked about because media has highlighted my performance and for that I am grateful. But beyond a point, I miss the simple enjoyments of life which my friends indulge in," he said.

About his journey to stardom, Vikas said, "I took up boxing at the age of 10 because most of my friends were in it. Basically this sport is considered to be for tough persons, so I also wanted to be tough and healthy.

"Don`t look surprised but this is a fact that I did nothing extra, I boxed like any other village boy, I did not have any extra diet.

"It has been totally normal upbringing so far and that is why I am so grateful to God. Luck has been with me. God has been very kind to me. I have seen more hard-working players sitting out," he added.

He might be up there in the international rankings but Vikas said numbers become meaningless after entering the ring.

"I have so far taken part in seven international competitions since 2007 and have won five gold and two bronze. I don't give much importance to rankings.

"I was world number two in 69kg category till two months back. It is not necessary that those who are ranked are better than those who are not. Ranking has no meaning in the ring," he insisted.

"Let me tell you that there are couple of boxers who are not seeded but can be very dangerous, one of them is a Russian."

Asked about his expectations from the Games, Vikas said, "If I win a medal here it will give me tremendous satisfaction that I have done something for my country. I don't hanker for fame or money.

"I don't have many ambitions, I want to live a simple and content life," he added.


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