Dani agrees to have contest with Poonia after February: coach

New Delhi:Commonwealth Games gold medalist Krishna Poonia`s proposal to have the USD 20,000 winner-takes-all discus throw duel with Dani Samuels after February next year has been accepted by the Australian world champion.

Samuels` coach Hayden Knowles told PTI that the managers of the two athletes will work out a new date other than January 22 which was proposed by the Australian but rejected
by the Indian. Knowles said the contest could be in March.

"We will do everything we can to find a date that suits them both. January 22 was the date proposed but this looks like it will not work for Krishna so we will be working
towards possibly March depending on any schedule clashes. She has said she accepts the contest, she believes she will win," Knowles said from Sydney.

"I have been in touch with Krishna and her husband via a manager based out of New York, we had great conversation and have agreed to work towards making this happen," he added.

Knowles said Poonia would be welcome in Australia when the contest takes place.

"It is clear that Krishna dedicated her win to the whole of India and it`s people. This obviously includes the 100,000 plus Indians who live in Sydney as people here already know who she is. They are a very proud culture. She will be very welcomed here," he said.

"At the moment we will let her focus on the Asian Games and we wish her well. Our contest is World Champion vs Commonwealth Champion. I hope she adds Asian champion next to her name also," said Knowles who is also physical performance
coordinator of Parramatta Eels rugby club.

While accepting the contest, Poonia yesterday made it clear that she can have the duel in India next month before Asian Games or it will have to be after February next year instead of January 22 as proposed by Samuels who had pulled out of Commonwealth Games citing security and health concerns.

Hurt by the reported comments of Poonia that Samuels had pulled out of the CWG due to "poor form", the support staff of the Australian had dared the Indian to the contest.

Knowles had proposed to hold the contest at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Center as part of Pirtek Athletic Allstars Meet which is considered as athletics counterpart of
Twenty20 cricket with celebrities from Hollywood and sports world taking part.

Pirtek Athletic Allstars organisers will raise the USD 20,000 amount for the contest between Poonia and Samuels through sponsors.

Recently on September 15, world and Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt took part in men`s 100m relay event in the Pirtek Athletic Allstars Meet.