David Cameron welcomes India to ‘greatest show on earth’

Zeenews Sports Bureau

New Delhi: UK Prime Minister David Cameron hopes that the 2012 Olympics in London will be an unforgettable spectacle and its legacy will not just be limited to Britain.

Welcoming India to the ‘the greatest show on earth’, Cameron, writing for The Times of India, says he wishes to share the ‘special times’ of his country with its people.

“In exactly 100 days, the 2012 Olympics will open in London and it will be a spectacle for the world to see. We wish to share the fantastic Olympic and Paralympic Games with the people of India, and thus we welcome you to the greatest show on the earth,” he wrote.

Being the only city to have been awarded the Games thrice, Cameron writes about the legacy that London has created in the past and vows to hold them in great tradition.

“In 1908, the modern Olympics came of age in London, with all athletes being paraded under their national flags for the first time. Then in 1948, the Games took place in the shadow of the devastating World War. Yet London succeeded in bringing countries together. We have pioneered new methods of design and construction, using low carbon technologies to make London 2012 the first truly sustainable Games, ” he wrote.