Fans cheer ‘recovering’ Muamba as his muse expresses joy on recovery

London: A week after Bolton Wanderer midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during their FA Cup semi final clash against Tottenham Hotspurs, Bolton and Blackburn Rovers fans spelled out his name during the club’s Premier league clash on Sunday.

As 26,000 fans joined in a vociferous show of emotion, supporters in the lower tier of the Nat Lofthouse stood up and held up cards to spell out ‘Muamba 6’ in a huge mosaic.

Muamba’s fiancée, Shauna Magunda, said she was ‘so happy yesterday as thousands of fans roared their satisfaction and happiness over his astonishing recovery, The Daily Mail reports.

Magunda tweeted before the match kick-off: “Sun is shining, I’m so happy God is amazing. Never take 4 granted all u love and ­cherish.”

Even fans of rivals Blackburn joined in a show of support for the player, who was ‘dead’ for 78 minutes and had to be given shocks 15 times before his heart restarted.

Many of the fans that watched the dreadful scenes in the FA Cup clash at the White Hart Lane live on TV feared he would not survive.

Muamba has defied every fear to make an amazing recovery. He has been talking to Shauna and his parents Marcel and Gertrude.

A minute’s applause was planned before yesterday’s game, but as soon as the players took to the pitch, fans started clapping and it continued for ten minutes.

A big screen showed a video ­compilation of the star and “Get well soon Fabrice” banners were held up. Shirts, scarves and ­messages were left outside the ground.