23 Egyptians kidnapped in Libya freed

State television reported they were freed by "Libyan special forces in coordination with the Egyptian general intelligence service".

Aug 12, 2016, 17:49 PM IST

Doomed EgyptAir flight broke up midair after fire: Report

An EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean in May likely broke up in midair after a fire erupted in or near the cockpit, the New York Times reported Friday.

Jul 23, 2016, 12:01 PM IST

Solar Impulse 2 takes off from Seville in Spain to Egypt- Watch

The Solar Impulse 2, world's largest solar-powered aircraft on Monday succesfully took off from Seville in Spain for Cairo, Egypt.

Jul 11, 2016, 22:37 PM IST

Solar plane leaves Spain for penultimate leg of world tour

The Solar Impulse 2 left southern Spain on its way to Egypt on Monday.

Jul 11, 2016, 14:34 PM IST

EgyptAir black box data downloaded; evidence suggests fire on board

EgyptAir Flight MS804 plunged into the eastern Mediterranean Sea en route from Paris to Cairo on May 19, killing all 66 people on board. 

Jun 30, 2016, 09:46 AM IST

EgyptAir black box flight recorder has been repaired: Commission

A black box flight recorder of an EgyptAir plane that plunged into the Mediterranean last month has been repaired, Egypt`s investigation commission said Tuesday, prompting hopes it could provide clues on why the aircraft went down.

Jun 28, 2016, 05:04 AM IST

US official: Investigators can't download EgyptAir recorders

The official was not authorized to publicly discuss developments in the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Jun 24, 2016, 10:55 AM IST

No sign of EgyptAir plane technical problems before takeoff: Sources

The EgyptAir jet that disappeared last week did not show technical problems before taking off from Paris, sources within the Egyptian investigation committee said late on Tuesday.

May 25, 2016, 09:01 AM IST

DNA samples taken as searchers hunt for EgyptAir plane

Egyptian forensics officials collected DNA from relatives of EgyptAir MS804 victims on Tuesday to help identify body parts retrieved from the Mediterranean, as investigators hunt for clues into the mysterious crash.

May 25, 2016, 00:06 AM IST

EgyptAir 804 human remains suggest blast: Forensic official

A senior Egyptian forensics official says human remains retrieved from the crash site of EgyptAir flight 804 suggest there was an explosion on board that may have brought down the aircraft.

May 24, 2016, 15:52 PM IST

Submarine deployed to find crashed jet's black boxes: Egypt PM

Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi today said a submarine was deployed to locate the black boxes that could provide vital clues on what caused an EgyptAir plane to crash in the Mediterranean Sea carrying 66 people, as he asserted no theory was being favoured in the probe.

May 22, 2016, 20:20 PM IST

French investigators say smoke reported on EgyptAir jet before crash

One aviation source said that a fire on board would likely have generated multiple warning signals, while a sudden explosion may not have generated any.

May 21, 2016, 19:56 PM IST

'Smoke detected' inside cabin before EgyptAir crash: Reports

The discovery of the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight MS804 near Alexandria came as the Navy continued to sweep the area.

May 21, 2016, 11:33 AM IST

EgyptAir flight which went missing 'crashed': French President Francois Hollande

Flight MS804, operated by a Boeing 737, had departed Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 23:09 (CEST).

May 19, 2016, 09:00 AM IST

Fire breaks out at popular market in central Cairo, at least 50 wounded

At least 50 people including firefighters suffered minor injuries on Monday when a fire spread quickly through a commercial area in downtown Cairo, Egyptian officials said.

May 09, 2016, 14:32 PM IST

Islamic State gunmen kill 9 policemen in Egypt

In a pre-dawn revenge attack, Islamic State gunmen on Sunday ambushed an Egyptian police van and shot dead at least nine policemen in southern Helwan district, the latest in a series of attacks on security personnel since the ouster of the Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

May 08, 2016, 21:34 PM IST

Jordan latest Arab country to recall envoy from Iran

Jordan on Monday recalled its ambassador to Iran over what it described as Tehran`s interference in Arab affairs.

Apr 18, 2016, 18:03 PM IST

Egypt protests after el-Sissi gives islands to Saudi Arabia

Egyptian security forces fired tear gas today at demonstrators protesting President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's decision to hand over two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

Apr 15, 2016, 22:51 PM IST

EgyptAir plane hijack: What all we know about the hijacker so far

An EgyptAir plane travelling from Alexandria to Cairo, with nearly 80 people on board, was hijacked on Monday, according to officials.

Mar 29, 2016, 15:55 PM IST

EgyptAir hijack: As it happened

An EgyptAir plane on a domestic flight was hijacked on Tuesday and later landed in Cyprus, where all but four foreign passengers and the crew were released.

Mar 29, 2016, 11:54 AM IST