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Demonetisation: No charge on use of debit cards; farmers to get easier cash access

The government announced more steps to help farmers to meet their cash needs during the ongoing rabi season and directed banks to waive debit card transaction charges to encourage digital payment.

Nov 23, 2016, 18:49 PM IST

Now, withdraw cash up to Rs 2,000 from 258 Big Bazaar, FBB stores through debit card

In a major relief for cash crunch India, individuals will now be able to withdraw cash up to Rs 2,000 from Big Bazaar, FBB by using debit cards.

Nov 22, 2016, 20:28 PM IST

700 petrol pumps start dispensing cash against debit card swipe

Nearly 700 petrol pumps across the country Friday started dispensing cash through debit card swipe in a bid to ease the cash crunch in the economy following the government's decision to withdraw 1,000 and 500 rupee notes.

Nov 18, 2016, 18:40 PM IST

Debit card breach: Over 6 lakh State Bank of India customers to get new ATMs soon

Following the recent incident of over 3 million debit cards falling under security breach, the SBI has moved swiftly to contain the damage and replace them as the earliest possible.

Oct 30, 2016, 10:11 AM IST

Debit Card data breach: SISA to submit forensic report by Monday

Bengaluru-based payment security specialist firm SISA, which has been authorised by the Reserve Bank to conduct forensic audit into the recent debit card data breach, is expected to submit its report in the next 2-3 days.

Oct 28, 2016, 18:43 PM IST

Indian banks need to adopt fully-encrypted ATM security solutions

This incident is a wake-up call for the Indian banking ecosystem to pause and realise that adopting extra-layered, state-of-the-art encryption security to minimise consumer financial data breach has become essential.

Oct 26, 2016, 13:16 PM IST

Debit card breach: Forensic auditor investigating it, number of cards missused few, says RBI

In the wake of the biggest-ever debit card data breach affecting Indian banking system, the RBI Monday said a forensic auditor is investigating the matter, even as it tried to allay fears saying the number of cards misused is "few".

Oct 24, 2016, 21:25 PM IST

DNA: How to check the safety of Debit cards?

After the India's biggest banking fraud in which almost 32 lakhs debit cards got hacked. In this video you'll get to know, How to check the safety of Debit cards?

Oct 22, 2016, 00:48 AM IST

ATM card breach: Over 32 lakh debit cards in danger

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Oct 20, 2016, 22:51 PM IST

ATM breach: No need to panic, 99.5% of debit cards are safe, says govt

The Finance Ministry on Thursday said only about 0.5 percent of debit cards were compromised while the remaining 99.5 percent were safe adding that there was not need for need for banks and customers to panic.

Oct 20, 2016, 22:29 PM IST

ATM breach: Yes Bank distances itself, says vendors need to do more

Seeking to distance itself from the debit card security breach that has rocking the banking industry, private lender Yes Bank said there was a need for vendors to do more while stressing the need to police service providers in a better way.

Oct 20, 2016, 18:50 PM IST

Debit cards risk: Our systems have not been breached, says MasterCard

Leading global payments and technology company Mastercard on Thursday assured its customers that its own systems have not been breached amid fears rising out of security breach with as many as 3.25 million debit cards in India.

Oct 20, 2016, 18:29 PM IST

ATM security breach: Banks block over 32 lakh debit cards; Govt seeks details

In a move to safeguard their customers from any financial fraud in the wake of unprecedented ATM security breach, various public and private sector banks led by state-run State Bank of India have either recalled or blocked over 32 lakh debit cards.

Oct 20, 2016, 18:20 PM IST

SBI blocks 6.25 lakh debit cards after cyber threat

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Oct 19, 2016, 23:28 PM IST

SBI blocks over 600,000 debit cards after security risk

India's leading lender State Bank of India on Wednesday said it has blocked over 600,000 debit cards of its customers following a suspected security breach adding that it will issue fresh cards to them.

Oct 19, 2016, 19:53 PM IST

EU launches debit cards for refugees in Turkey

The European Union on Monday launched a scheme worth almost 350 million euros providing mainly Syrian refugees in Turkey with pre-paid debit cards, the biggest project yet under a landmark deal between the bloc and Ankara.

Sep 26, 2016, 22:18 PM IST

Govt to bear transaction cost of payments received via cards

In order to promote less cash economy, the government has said it will bear the transaction cost for all payments made to it through debit or credit cards and net banking.


Aug 16, 2016, 15:54 PM IST

Good news! Foreigners, NRIs can now book train tickets in India using debit, credit cards

Here’s is a good news for foreigners and NRIs. Now, they will be able to book train tickets in India online by using international debit and credit cards through IRCTC website.

Apr 30, 2016, 05:06 AM IST

Don't not throw away expired credit, debit cards

A Byculla conman has been arrested by Dadar police station for using fresh user data, siphoning off lakhs from unsuspecting victims.

Jan 30, 2016, 11:01 AM IST

RuPay card to soon overtake Visa-Master cards in India?

It is interesting to note that, of the 580 million debit cards used in India, 190 million are said to be RuPay card, a huge achievement for a year old card.

Aug 19, 2015, 17:12 PM IST