El Capitan

Apple attacks Windows, Android with new updates

Apple`s CEO Tim Cook on Monday morning came on to the stage in San Francisco to reveal the technology giant`s music service, OS X update El Capitan, iOS 9 and its Watch OS 2.

Jun 09, 2015, 10:00 AM IST

Apple announces new streaming music service

Apple announced its new music streaming service on Monday, dubbed Apple Music, entering a hotly competitive market but offering a product that comes with tremendous strengths.

Jun 09, 2015, 01:33 AM IST

Meet the two men attempting 900m up 'toughest' rock climb in world

Two men are halfway through the world's "toughest" rock climb in the world, as they try to free climb 900m up smooth wall of El Capitan, it has been reported.

Jan 11, 2015, 16:03 PM IST

Climbers wait until dark to scale Yosemite vertical rock face

A pair of climbers attempting to scale a massive granite face on the El Capitan rock formation at Yosemite National Park without bolts or other climbing tools were waiting until nightfall to continue their nearly two-week effort, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Jan 07, 2015, 07:56 AM IST