Extraterrestrial existence

Remains of UFO discovered after 60 years in London museum with a chilling message

The object contained 17 thin sheets made of copper, covered with more hieroglyphs.

Feb 14, 2018, 16:22 PM IST

Scientists on alien existence: Much more common in the universe than thought

Strengthening the case for life existing elsewhere in the universe, there is evidence of a diverse group of organisms that had already evolved extremely early in the Earth's history.

Dec 19, 2017, 17:08 PM IST

Video of 'UFO portals' beneath the ISS goes viral, sparks debate on alien existence once again

UFO and alien hunters claim they are portals or wormholes being used by aliens to monitor 'Earthlings', since the rings appear to be too high up to be considered clouds.

Sep 12, 2017, 17:34 PM IST