Hugh Jackman

Jackman`s lottery treat for `Les Miserables` cast

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has treated the cast and crew of his upcoming film `Les Miserables` to 250 pounds worth of lottery scratch cards.

Apr 11, 2012, 14:27 PM IST

Hugh Jackman to return to Broadway as illusionist Houdini

Hugh Jackman has confirmed he`ll be bringing his magic touch back to the Broadway stage in 2013 as illusionist Harry Houdini.

Jan 07, 2012, 09:05 AM IST

Jackman returns to Broadway as Harry Houdini

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is set to return to Broadway to play Harry Houdini.

Jan 05, 2012, 15:54 PM IST

Jackman raised $850,000 for charity on Broadway show

Hugh Jackman has raised more than $850,000 for charity through performances of his Broadway show.

Dec 09, 2011, 08:50 AM IST

Hugh Jackman’s weight-loss secret

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman`s musical Broadway show is helping him shed a few pounds every night.

Nov 30, 2011, 11:49 AM IST

Hugh Jackman cried while watching ‘Real Steel’ with family

Hugh Jackman has revealed that he cried watching his new movie ‘Real Steel’.

Nov 03, 2011, 17:12 PM IST

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman breaks theatre records

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman`s new musical show has smashed one-week grosses at the Broadway theatre, Broadhurst.

Nov 02, 2011, 20:45 PM IST

Hugh Jackman was ‘starstruck’ to work with boxing idol Sugar Ray

Hugh Jackman has said that he was blown away when his sporting idol Sugar Ray Leonard trained him for his latest movie ‘Real Steel’.

Oct 30, 2011, 15:02 PM IST

Hugh Jackman hints at future role as James Bond

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has hinted that he might play the role of British spy James Bond in the future.

Oct 17, 2011, 12:35 PM IST

Hugh Jackman got fit for ‘Real Steel’ role by listening to `Rocky`

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has revealed that he was inspired to get in shape for ‘Real Steel’.

Oct 16, 2011, 12:38 PM IST

Hugh Jackman, Elle Macpherson bedazzle Queen Elizabeth’s party

Hugh Jackman and Elle Macpherson added a touch of glamour to the lavish reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth.

Oct 14, 2011, 20:23 PM IST

`Wolverine` will be R-rated: Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman says it is a possibility there will be an R-rated version of `The Wolverine`.

Oct 12, 2011, 09:38 AM IST

Hugh Jackman was called ‘poof’ by sibling for showing ‘interest in dancing’

`X-Men’ star Hugh Jackman has revealed that he was once called a ‘poof’ by his brother for showing ‘‘an interest in dancing’’.

Oct 09, 2011, 17:58 PM IST

Hugh Jackman all praises for new ‘Wolverine’ film

Hugh Jackman believes the new ‘Wolverine’ movie will be a simpler story than 2009`s ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and a great tribute to the character.

Oct 08, 2011, 14:40 PM IST

`Real Steel` - a real deal

In this age, we crave for technology so much that even a brainless film with a lot of tech and action thrown in works. The loud, garish and pointless "Transformers" series is a case in point.

Oct 07, 2011, 16:37 PM IST

Hugh Jackman`s no-screens rule at home

Actor Hugh Jackman doesn`t allow his children to watch television or play computer games during weekdays.

Oct 06, 2011, 12:53 PM IST

Looking forward to working in Bollywood films: Jackman

Bowled by the Indian soiree earlier this year, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is more than eager to work in Bollywood. ‘Wolverine’ Jackman, who has a massive fan base thanks to ‘X-Men’ franchise here in India, is back with another sci-fi to be released next week named ‘Real Steel’.

Oct 05, 2011, 18:34 PM IST

Hugh Jackman enjoyed kissing Evangeline Lilly

Hugh Jackman enjoyed kissing actress Evangeline Lilly on latest movie `Real Steel` and thinks she is a very good kisser.

Sep 30, 2011, 08:53 AM IST

Hugh Jackman demanding to keep shirt on this time in ‘Les Miserables’

Hugh Jackman plans to keep his clothes on in his new movie ‘Les Miserables’ fearing that people are going to joke he “demanded” to be partially nude in his contract.

Sep 27, 2011, 16:51 PM IST

I don`t think I broke wrestler`s jaw: Jackman

Hugh Jackman is amused at reports that he fractured a wrestler`s jaw with a punch and said that the fighter is "prone to exaggeration".

Sep 25, 2011, 14:20 PM IST