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open market operations

RBI to inject Rs 12,500-cr liquidity via OMOs on Thursday

The purchase will be made through open market operations (OMOs).

Feb 19, 2019, 10:12 AM IST

RBI scales up liquidity infusion to Rs 50,000 crore in December

The RBI has already injected Rs 20,000 crore through two OMO purchase auctions.

Dec 19, 2018, 11:19 AM IST

RBI to inject Rs 10,000 cr through open market operations on Thursday

The OMO operation will help ease tight liquidity situation triggered by a series of defaults by group companies of IL&FS.

Dec 05, 2018, 13:37 PM IST

RBI to inject Rs 36,000 crore into system in October

The auctions to purchase government bonds as part of the Open Market Operations (OMO) to manage liquidity in the system will be conducted in the second, third and fourth week of October.

Oct 01, 2018, 15:28 PM IST

Indian bond yields fall after RBI cancels open market sale of debt

The bond market, which got a shot in the arm on Friday after Moody`s upgraded India`s sovereign rating pared almost all the gains on that day, resumed the rally on Monday boosted by the cancellation of OMO sale which to traders was a signal that the central bank was not happy with high yields.

Nov 20, 2017, 11:59 AM IST

RBI may infuse Rs 55,000 cr via through open market operations

With an objective of keeping liquidity at neutral level, Reserve Bank is likely to infuse Rs 55,000 crore through open market operations (OMO) in the second half of this financial year

Oct 21, 2016, 18:40 PM IST

RBI to inject liquidity of Rs 10,000 cr via OMOs on Wednesday

The Reserve Bank will purchase government securities for a total Rs 10,000 crore on Wednesday to inject liquidity into the market.

Jan 18, 2016, 22:56 PM IST

BofA-ML flags downside risk to $15-billion FPI inflow forecast

Foreign portfolio investment (FPI) inflows into India could trip below USD 15 billion this fiscal amid continued global uncertainty, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA-ML) report says.

Jul 31, 2015, 00:10 AM IST

RBI keeps balance sheet in mind while undertaking OMO: Rajan

The Reserve Bank's open market operations are not primarily aimed at meeting short-term liquidity needs, but to manage long-term balance-sheet growth in line with the inflation target, Governor Raguram Rajan said Tuesday.

Dec 02, 2014, 21:24 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 10K cr liquidity into market on Wednesday via OMO

The Reserve Bank will pump Rs 10,000 crore in the market on Wednesday by buying government securities to ease the liquidity situation.

Jan 17, 2014, 23:15 PM IST

RBI to pump in Rs 8,000 cr next week to boost liquidity

Reserve Bank Wednesday said it will sell bonds worth Rs 8,000 crore next week under the open market operations (OMO) to inject liquidity in the system.

Nov 13, 2013, 21:16 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 10K cr into market to ease liquidity via OMOs

The Reserve Bank of India will infuse as much as Rs 10,000 crore on October 7 by purchasing government securities to ease liquidity in the market.

Sep 30, 2013, 19:24 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 8,000 cr via OMO to ease liquidity

The Reserve Bank will conduct open market operations to purchase government bonds worth Rs 8,000 crore on August 30 to ease liquidity in the market.

Aug 26, 2013, 21:56 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 7,000 cr to ease liquidity on Jun 7 via OMO

The Reserve Bank Monday announced it will infuse Rs 7,000 crore in the system on June 7 by buying government securities to ease the liquidity situation.

Jun 03, 2013, 21:48 PM IST

Will conduct OMOs to manage liquidity when required: Subbarao

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday said it will inject liquidity through Open Market Operations (OMOs) to deal with any shortage of cash in the system.

May 09, 2013, 15:43 PM IST

Impose limit on global transactions of cards, RBI tells banks

The Reserve Bank said that a monetary limit of USD 500 be imposed by issuing bank on all global cards which has not been used in the past.

Mar 01, 2013, 14:16 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 10,000 cr liquidity via OMO route on March 1

The Reserve Bank will infuse additional liquidity by pumping in Rs 10,000 crore in the market through open market operations (OMOs) on March 1.

Feb 25, 2013, 20:23 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 8k cr into market via OMOs on Dec 28

As part of the OMOs, the RBI will purchase government securities maturing in 2017 (bearing interest rate of 8.07 percent), 2022 (8.15 percent), and 2027 (8.26 percent).

Dec 24, 2012, 18:44 PM IST

RBI to infuse Rs 8,000 cr through OMO on Dec 21

The Reserve Bank Tuesday said it will infuse Rs 8,000 crore into the system by purchasing government securities on Friday as part of liquidity injection measure.

Dec 18, 2012, 22:08 PM IST

More CRR cuts, OMOs depend on liquidity crunch: Gokarn

Use of CRR or OMOs as instruments to ease liquidity shortage will depend on the nature of deficit, he told reporters at the customary post-policy meeting.

Oct 30, 2012, 20:59 PM IST