Now, robot that makes parking an easy affair

Parking has always been cumbersome, but a new technology has made it easy with a robot that will conveniently park your car at your desired location.

Jul 05, 2014, 16:13 PM IST

First solar-powered farmbot unveiled in Australia

A new solar-powered robot has been designed for farms to collect data on pests and plant disease, pick weeds, and even harvest crops in future.

Jul 02, 2014, 18:47 PM IST

`Emotional` robot can be your salesman

Beware salespersons! An "emotional" robot designed to converse with shoppers has been brought to life.

Jun 09, 2014, 23:57 PM IST

Human-like robot `Pepper` can analyze gestures, expressions and voice tones

Japanese telecommunications and Internet Corporation, Softbank has unveiled a human-like robot called Pepper that can analyze gestures, expressions and voice tones.

Jun 07, 2014, 12:54 PM IST

This Korean sprinter robot can beat Usain Bolt!

South Korean scientists have taken inspiration from the prehistoric Velociraptor dinosaur to create one of the world`s simplest and fastest robots - the Raptor.

Jun 01, 2014, 16:38 PM IST

Intel readies 3D-printed robots for handy consumers

Intel Corp introduced a walking, talking robot on Wednesday made from 3D-printed parts that will be available to consumers later this year, if they are willing to assemble it with a kit that costs around $1,600.

May 29, 2014, 04:48 AM IST

Now, robot that cares for you round the clock

A woman in Rome is enjoying 24-hour care courtesy her live-in android.

May 19, 2014, 15:53 PM IST

`Star Wars` robot arm approved in US

A first-of-its-kind mind-controlled robotic limb that mimics natural motions of a natural arm and can allow users to perform complex tasks such as cooking food and brushing hair has been approved in the US.

May 15, 2014, 16:42 PM IST

Robotic arm that can catch flying objects

With its palm open, this robot is completely motionless. A split second later, it suddenly unwinds and catches all sorts of flying objects thrown in its direction - a tennis racket, a ball, a bottle and so on.

May 12, 2014, 19:47 PM IST

Pentagon scientists show off life-size robot

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a first-hand look at a life-size robot that resembles Hollywood`s "Terminator," the latest experiment by the Pentagon`s hi-tech researchers.

Apr 23, 2014, 13:31 PM IST

A robot that better interacts with people

You must have seen in movies robots that act and behave like human beings. That’s going to happen in real life.

Apr 12, 2014, 21:19 PM IST

Deepika has elaborate stunts in Rajinikanth-starrer

Very early in her career when she did two back-to-back double roles in `Om Shanti Om` and `Chandni Chowk To China`, Deepika Padukone got to do some martial arts in `Chandni Chowk...` But that was nothing like what she has done in the forthcoming Rajinikanth release `Kochadaiiyaan`.

Apr 11, 2014, 19:37 PM IST

Soon, a robot that hops like a kangaroo

Ever seen a robot that flies like a seagull or jumps like a kangaroo? You must not have but soon will.

Apr 03, 2014, 22:35 PM IST

New robot burrows like a clam using little energy

MIT researchers have developed a robot that mimics the ability of the Atlantic razor clam to burrow into undersea soil at high speed using very little energy.

Mar 25, 2014, 15:50 PM IST

Lego robot cracks Rubik`s Cube in record 3.253 seconds

A Lego robot has successfully smashed world record of solving the Rubik`s Cube in 3.253 seconds, 62 percent faster than previous world record held by second generation version of the robot.

Mar 17, 2014, 10:24 AM IST

Now, robot that recycles concrete

A student at Sweden`s Umea Institute of Design has designed Ero - a robot that recycles concrete in an energy-efficient manner and separates it from rebar and other debris on the spot.

Feb 27, 2014, 21:17 PM IST

Now, robot that solves Rubik`s cube puzzle in less than 3 seconds

Researchers have developed a new robot that can solve the Rubik`s cube puzzle in less than three seconds.

Feb 21, 2014, 11:45 AM IST

Soon, bat-inspired flying robots

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, are planning to develop small flying vehicles with flapping wings inspired by wing motions of a bat.

Feb 19, 2014, 17:58 PM IST

Prototype robot that can find victims trapped under debris developed

With earthquakes and other natural calamities posing as major threats to the world, a city-based non-profit organisation Hyderabad Science Society (HSS) has developed prototype of a robot that can help in finding victims trapped under debris after disasters.

Feb 10, 2014, 20:20 PM IST

Now, underwater robot turtle to inspect shipwrecks

Researchers have developed a highly manoeuvrable underwater robot turtle to penetrate shipwrecks.

Nov 27, 2013, 20:17 PM IST