E-cigarette prohibition will be a huge mistake: Experts

Much of the campaign against e-cigarettes has been driven by emotion and ideology, not evidence," said Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Institute for Internal and Emergency Medicine at University of Catania in Italy.

Nov 11, 2016, 16:13 PM IST

India ranked 3rd in pictorial warnings on tobacco products

The Cigarette Package Health Warnings International Status Report was released on the fourth day of the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) Conference of the Parties (COP 7) by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Nov 10, 2016, 15:50 PM IST

Vapers urge WHO to back safer products for smokers

Vapers on Wednesday called on the World Health Organisation to allow the world's one billion smokers to have equal access to safer alternatives to cigarettes such as the electronic cigarettes they smoke.

Nov 09, 2016, 20:23 PM IST

Smoking of hookahs to be monitored as part of anti-tobacco move: WHO FCTC

Aiming to curb consumption of tobacco among the youth at an early stage, the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) has urged its 180 member nations to monitor waterpipe (Indian hookah) tobacco use through a national surveillance system to cover all age groups.

Nov 09, 2016, 18:42 PM IST

E-cigarettes linked to high risk of teen smoking

About one-third of teens in the US use e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. 

Nov 09, 2016, 08:38 AM IST

Prominent graphic pictures on cigarette packs can lessen smoking death rate

According to the study, warnings can avert more than 652,000 deaths, up to 92,000 low birth weight infants, up to 145,000 preterm births, and about 1,000 cases of sudden infant deaths in the US over the next 50 years.

Nov 05, 2016, 19:52 PM IST

Smoking one pack daily can cause 150 mutations in lung cells, claims study

Individuals who smoke one packet of cigarettes a day develop an average of 150 extra mutations in their lungs every year, researchers have warned.

Nov 04, 2016, 20:16 PM IST

Smoking may shorten lifespan of HIV patients more than the virus itself

A study led by an Indian researcher has shown that cigarette smoking substantially reduces the lifespan of people living with HIV, potentially even more than HIV itself.

Nov 03, 2016, 14:11 PM IST

How smoking causes inflammation

The cancer-causing effects of smoking have been known for decades, but how smoking is related to immune changes had been previously unclear. 

Nov 01, 2016, 14:01 PM IST

Vitamin E can modify risk of pneumonia in older men: Study

A new study has revealed that Vitamin E can help modify pneumonia risk in older men.

Oct 28, 2016, 23:11 PM IST

Heart disease: What increases your risk, tips to reduce it!

Heart disease is caused by plaque buildup in the wall of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Oct 26, 2016, 13:26 PM IST

Osteoporosis: Reasons why men can also get the disease!

Osteoporosis, which causes bones to become weak and brittle, affects more women because they tend to have thinner bones than men.

Oct 20, 2016, 11:49 AM IST

Smoking, alcohol associated with most cancers in US

Preventable risk factors like smoking and alcohol are closely associated with 11 of the 15 cancers in the US, finds a study.

Oct 19, 2016, 20:20 PM IST

'Teens who feel 'too fat' light up cigarettes to slim down'

Researchers also found that white teens were more than twice as likely as African-American adolescents to smoke for weight loss.

Oct 17, 2016, 23:37 PM IST

Follow these simple ways to keep your breasts healthy!

Women should keep their breasts healthy and nurtured as keeping a healthy habits you can lower the risk of developing the breast cancer. 

Oct 15, 2016, 23:43 PM IST

Head and neck cancer: What increases your risk, prevention tips!

The main factors that increase the risk of head and neck cancers are smoking and alcohol consumption.

Oct 14, 2016, 10:05 AM IST

Things you can do to prevent dementia!

Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes which is caused by brain disease or injury.

Oct 13, 2016, 23:35 PM IST

Keep your eyes healthy with these simple tips!

Our eyes are the most valuable and sensitive sense organs of our body.

Oct 13, 2016, 20:12 PM IST

Heavy pot smoking linked to bone disease and fractures

The study also found that heavy cannabis users have a lower body weight and a reduced body mass index (BMI), which could contribute to thinning of their bones.

Oct 13, 2016, 14:43 PM IST

Follow these simple tips to manage high blood pressure without pills!

 High blood pressure is a chronic medical condition that increases the risk of developing many health related problems like heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

Oct 12, 2016, 23:32 PM IST