South Yemen

Saudi Arabia boosts troop levels in south Yemen as tensions rise

But the separatists, who seek to restore the former South Yemen republic, turned on the government in early August and seized control of Aden, interim seat of Hadi's government.

Sep 03, 2019, 19:16 PM IST

5 wounded in south Yemen independence protest

Five protesters were wounded as Yemeni police stopped southern separatists from marching towards the governorate building in the south`s main city of Aden on Sunday, activists and medics said.


Dec 01, 2014, 01:37 AM IST

Yemen to become six-region federation

A presidential panel has agreed to transform Yemen into a six-region federation as part of its political transition, state news agency Saba announced on Monday.

Feb 10, 2014, 22:17 PM IST

Artillery hits funeral tent in Yemen, killing 13

A Yemeni security official and a local political leader say artillery shells have hit a funeral tent in a southern city, killing 13.

Dec 27, 2013, 22:22 PM IST

Yemen agrees on new political map

United Nations envoy to Yemen said on Tuesday that the country`s political representatives have signed an agreement that draws a new political map for Yemen.

Dec 25, 2013, 00:50 AM IST

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills 20 in Yemen

An al Qaeda suicide bomber blew himself up at a gathering of pro-government tribesmen in Yemen`s southern province of Abyan.

Aug 05, 2012, 12:41 PM IST

Yemeni warplane bombs southern city, people flee

Islamist militants captured Jaar in Abyan Province in March last year after the outbreak of protests against Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mar 18, 2012, 15:55 PM IST

Eight die as tribesmen, troops clash in south Yemen

The clashes began after armed tribesmen attacked the military post yesterday.

Apr 22, 2011, 16:15 PM IST

Six security men killed in south Yemen attack: Medics

Eleven people, including at least
six members of the security forces, were killed on Saturday in an
attack on a Yemeni intelligence headquarters in the southern
port city of Aden, medics said.

Jun 19, 2010, 17:42 PM IST

South Yemenis stage strike to protest `oppression`

Residents of cities in southern Yemen on Sunday staged a general strike to protest what they termed government oppression as well as action taken against a daily newspaper, activists and witnesses said.

Jan 10, 2010, 15:59 PM IST