10 Best Gaming News Websites - Ranked 2021

In case, you're looking to keep up with everything happening around you. Here is a quick rundown on the top 10 Gaming News Websites in 2021 that can benefit you. 

10 Best Gaming News Websites - Ranked 2021

The year 2021 surely looks bright for the gaming world. The first half has already been ruled by games coming from all kinds of ranges. Let it be the dark world horror action games or colorful fun to play ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, the introduction to new generation consoles has also hyped things up since their release.

So in case, you're looking to keep up with everything happening around you. Here is a quick rundown on the top 10 Gaming News Websites in 2021 that can benefit you. They will provide you constant updates. Each has a quality of its own. Each either comes off as a new starter, an underdog, or an established powerhouse.


IGN is probably the biggest gaming news giant at the moment. It started making its presence felt in the mid-2000s and since then have never turned back. Today, almost every video game from any platform looking forward to its release lands up its name on IGN’s official website once, and that too first hand. IGN always remains the next place a gaming company might want to introduce its game to a wider world.

So, keeping up with IGN is a must for gamers. Apart from that, IGN has expanded its horizons with its own stores. Also covering news in various different categories including international television and movies, anime, and a lot more that suggests its prominence and want to expansion.

2. Gamespot

Gamespot lands up on the second spot for the wide range of content they produce for Gaming news. While the site keeps you updated with new video games, there is always a unique insight of their own. For example, after the fall of Cyberpunk 2077, there is an article on the site that takes us into the experience of one of the writer's posts months after playing it. So this kind of insight not only makes their news important to keep up with but interesting at the same time.

3. The Artistree

A new player in the field but a strong one. The Artistree has recently picked up Gaming as one of the new topics they will be covering. The US company already has an established fanbase for the Entertainment community. So there are bound to be existing gaming fans.

With the company’s expansion, it's teased that they have a number of plans and initiatives moving forward. The Artistree is particularly collaborating with the Indian Company OtakuKart which already has Gaming as one of their prominent topics.

4. Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life lands for three for its detailed news reporting. Reporting it is one thing, but breaking it down to the core is another to look at. This comes in the form of various types of content Nintendo Life produces. For example, there are reviews and features for sure. But Nintendo Life also answers all the surrounding rumors, interview key people in the gaming industry and have delicate guides to the gaming world.

5. Game Informer

Game Informer is another site that has kept itself relevant and up-to-date with information. Right from highly popular games to underrated and games not known to many fans. Game Informer almost coves all aspects and at the same time their own analysis and thoughts playing them. Then there are their own features on the site that sometimes follow up the news and make it worth reading.

6. Polygon

Well, Polygon is one of the big names out there. Although the site covers almost every form of entertainment, each one of them has a prime focus including gaming. So don’t expect to lose because Polygon may make sure you won’t because of the detailed breakdowns they bring in their gaming news articles. Right from reviews to release dates to playing experience and a lot more.

7. N4G

N4G comes from the community of the NewsBoiler network. They have a different website for each form of entertainment and N4G of theirs serves the gaming community. Apart from the gaming news they cover, you may also find the writers at N4G dedicating an entire article telling their point of view about the game.

8. Otakukart

A website that didn’t necessarily start with covering gaming news but has soon grabbed a good hold of it. Otakukart rose to prominence in the last five years covering anime. That was until they expanded their catalog with Gaming as one of the prominent topics. Otakukart may not address every rumor but it definitely covers the news that has adequate and accurate information for the gaming community.

9. PC Gamer

PC Gamer has been covering gaming news for the past 20 years now. What we love about it is that apart from the regular video games. They also cover news related to the technology world that may affect the gaming world in turn. This has certainly brought them so far as they cover everything from first-hand news, e-sports coverage, and a lot more on their site.  

10. Destructoid

The first website leading the list is Destructoid, which has quite a 90s touch to its website. But apart from the classic look, their classic drive to accurate news reporting remains adamant. There is a topic for each type of game, type of console, and much more classified at Destructoid. Thus showcasing the range of content they are covering as their daily part of the gaming news section.  

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