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Bigg Boss 11: Why 'mastermind' Vikas Gupta can be the winner

 The top four finalists of the show are Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan.

Bigg Boss 11: Why 'mastermind' Vikas Gupta can be the winner
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New Delhi: The 'Baap' of all Indian reality TV shows, Bigg Boss will have its grand finale of season 11 on January 14, 2018. Season 11 of Bigg Boss premiered on October 1, 2017, and has been one of the most entertaining as well as controversial seasons so far. The top four finalists of the show are Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. While all four contestants are much popular with their own set of fans, here's why we feel that 'mastermind' Vikas Gupta can be the winner this season.

Controversial entry:

Never before, in the history of Bigg Boss, have contestants started fighting before even enterting the controversial house. Vikas Gupta, and Shilpa Shinde, who have shared an ugly past owing to a dispute over a popular television show, started arguing even before they went inside! Salman Khan introduced them to the contestants and the duo started arguing right there, on stage, before the audience. Now if this wasn't one of the most controversial entries, we aren't sure what is!

Dedication in tasks

Vikas rightfully earned the title of 'Mastermind' of the house, and he has proven time and again that he shows utmost dedication when it comes to tasks. We do remember how dedicated he was in the Robot task when he gave the least number of reactions and in the mountain task when he did his best to crack deals with fellow inmates.

Proves that he is the 'Mastermind' of the house

Vikas is referred to as mastermind of the show simply because of his sharp brain which he has used in the show from time to time to get out of ugly situations. The BB Cushion Factory task stands testimony to the fact that Vikas indeed uses his sharp mind at every point. The way he turned tables towards the end of the game is something we still remember!

Tiff with Shilpa Shinde

The controversy surrounding Vikas and Shilpa is known to everyone. The first few weeks of season 11 were intense and wholly focused on Vikas and Shilpa's Tiff. While many knew Shilpa from being a popular face in the show 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain', people got to know Vikas closely after he entered the show.

Entertainment quotient

Vikas has thoroughly entertained us with his presence in the Bigg Boss house. Whether it was his Belly Dancing in a task or his sneaking out of jail only to grab some sweets, we enjoyed every moment the cameras were focused on the mastermind!

Here's hoping that the best man, or woman, wins the show!