Bigg Boss 12 written updates: Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan have fun with the housemates

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Bigg Boss 12 written updates: Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan have fun with the housemates

New Delhi: The Weekend ka Vaar episode on Sunday started on a very lively and musical note with Bollywood’s heartthrob Varun Dhawan making a dhamakedaar entry. The talented actor kick-started the episode with a rap song aptly describing, all the quirks of the Bigg boss house and it’s many contestants. Varun himself welcomed the most lovable ‘host and dost’ of the nation ~ Salman Khan.

As always, Salman Khan's Smashing entry began with the duo singing ‘Tamma Tamma’ with the Bigg Band. The talented actor known for being a big fan of Salman came to promote his upcoming film Sui-Dhaga.

Varun Dhawan also challenged Salman to take the Sui-Dhaga challenge, where Salman sportingly stitched his initials on a scarf. Varun teasingly added that Salman is an eligible bachelor who knows cooking, painting and now even stitching.

Varun went inside the house and met the contestants who were tensed as it was eviction day. His entry in the house cheered everyone up and relaxed what was a tensed atmosphere. While bonding with the contestants, Varun requested Anup and Jasleen to sing a ghazal version of a popular song from his movie, Saturday Saturday while Shivashish and Kriti grooved to their beats. Varun then announced the task for the nominated contestants who were divided into two groups, singles comprised off Srishty, Sreesanth, Dipika and Neha whereas Jodis included Shivashish, Jasleen, Somi and Deepak. The task was called ‘Made in India’, and the contestants had to make cushions out of the cotton and stitching material provided.

Later Salman announced that it was time for this season’s first Sultani Akhada between the singles and Jodi’s. He called the Khan sisters and Dipika- Srishty for a faceoff and declared that the winning Jodi will get a special power.

Will the battle between the jodis and singles get even more intense in the coming weeks? Who will be tough contenders?