High? Man enters abandoned property to smoke weed, finds overweight Tiger

It was a wild adventure no weed in the world could have promised.

High? Man enters abandoned property to smoke weed, finds overweight Tiger This photo was tweeted by @NewsCameraFish

For a brief moment, they must have thought they are already high. But then, the two Houston men had not lit up their joint when they first spotted a mammoth Tiger inside the abandoned property they had chosen to light up in.

What followed though was nothing short surreal.

Local media reported that the two men called animal rescue officials soon after spotting a Tiger in an abandoned house in southeast Houston. When officials arrived at the scene, they carefully approached the animal which was visibly fat. It is reported that the animal was calm but was still tranquillized as a precaution.

Putting it to induced sleep, however, was only half the battle. Then came the question of how to transport it to safety because this was no common Tiger. Some estimates have said that the animal could weigh as much as 300 kilos. Tigers usually weigh 180 to 200 kilos.

A cage, nonetheless, was brought in and the animal moved in it. Soon after it regained consciousness, it was transported to a facility used mostly for dogs, cats and farm animals initially.



Local animal rescue authorities have since said that the animal would now be moved to a wildlife sanctuary elsewhere in Texas even as police officials have launched an investigation into who owned the animal and how it came to be inside the abandoned home.

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