Priyanka Raina is gorgeous

This is a very pretty Priyanka Raina, without any sort of makeup, looking beautiful as ever.

Suresh Raina is one lucky man

Priyanka is Suresh's childhood sweetheart. He fell in love with her when she used to come for home tuitions at his place.

Priyanka Raina is beauty with brains

Priyanka Raina runs the various foundations she and her husband founded including MaateCare and Gracia Raina Foundation.

Difficult to get eyes off Priyanka

The most beautiful thing about Priyanka Raina is her simplicity. She keeps things simple in the way she dresses.

Priyanka Raina is Suresh's pillar of strength

Priyanka Raina has been a huge pillar of strength for Suresh Raina over several year and she continues to be same now even.