5 Winter vegetables and dishes to try today

Winter diet should comprise of vitamin and loads of iron. Here are 5 vegetables for you to eat this winter and the dishes you can try with these veggies, click next.


Dishes you can make: Grated beetroot salad with sesame seeds, beet-Carrot juice with lemon, beet raita/smoothie, beet-coconut laddoo, beet paratha.


Gajar ka halwa, carrot raita, carrot soup, carrot Salad, mix vegetable sambar, carrot uttapam, boiled carrot sticks for kids.

Meithi leaves

Dishes you can make: Methi thepla, methi bhaji, methi rice, methi malai mutter, methi dal, methi khakra, methi paratha.

Green garlic

Dishes you can make: Garlic mint chutney, garlic tadka to be added in soups, dals, vegetable preparations, garlic chicken, garlic sauce.

Green peas

Dishes you can make: Mutter pulao, aloo mutter, mutter kachori, mutter halwa, mutter poha, vegetable soup.