Rs 147.5 deducted from your SBI account?

State Bank of India, SBI, the largest public sector bank in India deducted Rs 147.5 from the account of customers. Are you wondering to know why the conglomerate deducted that amount from the consumer's account? Swipe the slides to find out why SBI did so.

Why SBI deducted Rs 147.5 from your account?

The bank charges an annual maintenance fee of Rs 125 for the different cards it offers. The earlier discussed charge is excluded from GST. Now if you include a GST charge i.e 18 percent of Rs 125 will be Rs 22.5. Now combining these two charges results in Rs 147.5. This is the money SBI has deducted from your account.

Annual maintenance fee for Platinum Debit Card

SBI Platinum Debit Card holders have to pay Rs 250 plus GST as a part of the annual maintenance charge of their card

Annual maintenance fee for SBI Pride/Premium Business Debit Cards

The bank charges Rs 350 excluding GST as an annual maintenance fee for the aforementioned cards.

Debit card replacement charge

The largest public sector bank charges Rs 300 excluding GST for the replacement or change of an existing debit card.