Indian Bowlers Concede Most Runs in a T20I Game - In Pics

1. Prasidh Krishna's Lackluster Bowling in Guwahati (2023)

Prasidh Krishna's bowling in Guwahati was subpar, with inconsistency and an inability to contain runs, raising concerns about his effectiveness in crucial situations.

2. Chahal's Ineffectual Spell at Centurion (2018)

Yuzvendra Chahal's bowling performance at Centurion in 2018 was lacklustre, marked by a lack of impact, wayward deliveries, and an overall failure to create pressure on the opposition.

3. Arshdeep's Unimpressive Figures in Guwahati (2022)

Arshdeep Singh's bowling figures in Guwahati were unimpressive, as he struggled to maintain control, conceding runs freely and failing to make a significant impact with the ball.

4. Joginder Sharma's Mediocre Bowling in Durban (2007)

Joginder Sharma's bowling in Durban during the 2007 T20 World Cup was mediocre, characterized by a lack of precision, inconsistency, and an inability to rise to the occasion in a high-pressure match.

5. Deepak Chahar's Expensive Bowling in Hyderabad (2019)

Deepak Chahar's bowling in Hyderabad was expensive and ineffective, with a high economy rate and an inability to create pressure on the West Indies batsmen during the match in 2019.

6. Umran Malik's Inept Bowling in Nottingham (2022)

Umran Malik's bowling performance in Nottingham was inept, marked by a lack of control, wayward deliveries, and an overall failure to make a meaningful impact with the ball against England in 2022.


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