Valentina Cervantes was studying to become an English teacher

Valentina Cervantes reportedly started studying to become an English teacher when she met the former River Plate star Enzo Fernandez in Argentina. And together they moved to Lisbon last June when he joined Benfica. (Source: Instagram)

Enzo Fernandes's girlfriend Valentina Cervantes celebrated her 23rd birthday

Argentina and Chelsea football Enzo Fernandes turned romantic, gifting his partner Valentina Cervantes beautiful flowers on her 23rd birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Valentina Cervantes showed off her birthday flowers on Instagram

Valentina Cervantes commemorated her special birthday with two snaps on Instagram showing her holding Enzo Fernandez's flowers and hanging out with her boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Enzo Fernandez and Valentina Cervantes have one daughter together

Enzo Fernandez and Valentina Cervantes became parents to daughter Olivia in 2021 - as their love continued to grow. (Source: Instagram)

Enzo Fernandez started dating Valentina Cervantes in 2019

Argentinian beauty Valentina Cervantes has been Enzo Fernandez's biggest supporter since they started dating in 2019. (Source: Instagram)