5 Drinks To Manage Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Here’s a look at the best drinks if you have diabetes. These drinks can be taken once in the morning and are said to cause positive results.

1- Methi Water

Methi dana water has the ability to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

2- Karela Juice

A glassful of karela juice in the morning could help regulate and manage blood sugar levels effectively.

3- Green Tea

The drink said to lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

4- Barley Water (Jau)

Make sure you drink unsweetened barley water to get effective results.

5- Arjuna bark powder

Grind Arjun's bark in equal quantity with some dried berries and consume this powder daily before going to bed at night.

SAY NO to Fizzy drinks

Sugary beverages and sodas contribute to diabetes risk, as well as issues controlling blood sugar in people who already have diabetes.