10 Tallest Man In The World

1) Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen stands at 8ft 2.8 inch and is the tallest living man in the world, as per Guinness World Records. He is a Kurdish farmer and his tall stature is due to a condition called acromegaly.

2) Morteza Mehrzad

Morteza Mehrzad standing at 8ft and 1 inch is a paralympian who plays for Iran's men's national sitting volleyball team. According to the Guinness World Records, he is the tallest paralympian ever.

3) Brahim Takioullah

Brahim Takioullah hails from Morocco and hold the Guinness World Record for the biggest feet. He is also suffering from a condition known as acromegaly.

4) Dharmendra Pratap Singh

Dharmendra Pratap Singh is 8ft and 0.7 inch tall and hails from Uttar Pradesh. Due to his height, he has struggled to find love.

5) Zhang Juncai

Till 2004, Zhang Juncai who hails from Shanxi Province was the tallest man in China with 7ft and 11 inch height.

6) Asadulla Khan

At 7 feet and 11 inches, Asadulla Khan is the tallest man in India. He hails from Kendrapada in West Bengal.

7) Naseer Soomro

Naseer Ahmed Soomro hails from Shikarpur in Pakistan and is believed to be the second tallest man in the country. He stands at 7 ft and 10 inch.

8) Bao Xishun

Xishun Bao who is a herdsman from Inner Mongolia in China, was of average height until he was 16. It was only afterwards that he rapidly grew in size. Now he is 7 ft and 9 inches tall.

9) Sun Mingming

Sun Mingming is a professional basketball player from China and is believed to be the tallest basketball player in the world. He is 7 ft and 9 inches tall.

10) Radhouane Charbib

Charbib was the tallest man in the world until 2005, after that Bao Xishun took the title from him. He stands at 7 ft and 9 inches tall.