7 Budget-Friendly Country To Visit


Thailand is well known for its diverse culture, lively markets and breathtaking scenic views. It offers many affordable choices, for accommodations, transportation, and dining.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers beautiful beaches and a range of activities From the historic city of Kandy to the pristine beaches of Mirissa, it's perfect for relaxation and water adventures.


Indonesia is rich in traditional culture, beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, and breathtaking sunsets and provides plentiful budget-friendly options for travelling.


Nepal offers many attractions at affordable prices for its majestic peaks of the Himalayas, calming serene, historical temples and diverse local cuisine.


Bhutan is highly filled with cultural heritage and ancient temples. It is the perfect escape place for peaceful serenity and to try some traditional food.


It is known for its warm hospitality, stunning city views of Manila, and coral-filled beaches. The Philippines provides plenty of options for relaxation at affordable budgets.


Malaysia offers a wealth of attractions at affordable prices, with its variety of street food, mesmerizing landscape and diverse tourist shopping.


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