8 Healthy Junk Food Loved By Indians

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Masala Puffed Rice (Bhel Puri)

Bhel Puri, a popular street food snack, combines puffed rice with an assortment of vegetables, tangy chutneys, and spices. This crunchy and flavorful delight is low in calories and fat, making it a satisfying yet healthy option for snacking.

Vegetable Stuffed Paratha

Parathas stuffed with a medley of vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, or grated carrots are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. When cooked using minimal oil and paired with a side of yogurt or pickle, they make for a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Grilled Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka, a popular appetizer, features marinated cubes of paneer grilled to perfection. Rich in protein and calcium, paneer provides a nutritious base for this flavorful dish. When paired with colorful bell peppers and onions, it becomes a vibrant and healthy snack option.

Makhana (Fox Nuts) Snacks

Makhana, or fox nuts, are light and crunchy snacks that are low in calories and high in nutrients. When roasted with a dash of spices or seasoned with chaat masala, they offer a guilt-free alternative to traditional fried snacks.

Sprouts Chaat

Sprouts Chaat is a refreshing and nutritious twist on the classic street food favorite. Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, sprouts are tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes, and tangy chutneys to create a flavorful and wholesome snack option.

Oats Idli

Idli, a South Indian staple, gets a healthy makeover with the addition of oats. Oats Idli is made by substituting a portion of the rice with oats, resulting in a fiber-rich and nutritious alternative. Paired with sambar and chutney, it makes for a satisfying and wholesome meal.

Air-Fried Samosas

Samosas, a beloved Indian snack, can be made healthier by opting for air frying instead of deep frying. Filled with a flavorful mixture of potatoes, peas, and spices, air-fried samosas retain their crispy exterior without the excess oil, offering a guilt-free indulgence.

Multigrain Pizza

Pizza gets a nutritious upgrade with the introduction of a multigrain crust. Packed with whole grains and fiber, a multigrain pizza provides a healthier alternative to traditional pizza dough. Topped with fresh vegetables and lean protein, it becomes a balanced and wholesome meal option.


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