Valentine's Week (February 7-14)

Valentine's Day is less than 2 weeks away, but before D-day, there's an entire week of celebrating love, known as Valentine's Week. Let's know more about each day. (Pics: Pixabay)

Rose Day (February 7)

A red rose means love and yellow stands for friendship! This day is all about expressing your emotions with a rose.

Propose Day (February 8)

The name says it all. It's the day to propose and express how you feel to your love.

Chocolate Day (February 9)

Chocolates can make the worst of days taste good. Bid goodbye to bad memories and enjoy chocoaltes with your loves ones.

Teddy Day (February 10)

Teddies are not just for kids. These cute soft toys spell love, so gift your beloved with a teddy on this day.

Promise Day (February 11)

Promises of commitment is the bedrock of any relationship - here's to a happy journey ahead.

Hug Day (February 12)

A hug can make everything seem alright. So give your beloved a tight hug today.

Kiss Day (February 13)

Kiss and seal! This is the perfect day to say it all by giving a kiss to your lover.

Valentine's Day (February 14)

It all culminates in this! This is THE DAY to celebrate romantic love! So plan something special and enjoy a cozy Valentine's Day with your loved one.