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Canada joins list of countries that have taken advantage of US, according to Trump

Donald Trump has said there is no need to keep Canada in a new NAFTA deal.

Canada joins list of countries that have taken advantage of US, according to Trump
Nosediving relations? (Representational image)

Donald Trump has put several countries through his diplomatic prism of suspicion. In his presidential campaign and since taking charge as President, he has accused several countries of having taken advantage of the United States. China, Germany, UK, Mexico have all faced the verbal ire of Trump. And now, it is the turn of long-term ally Canada.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to train his proverbial guns at America's northern neighbours. "I love Canada, but they’ve taken advantage of our Country for many years!" he wrote on the micro-blogging website.



Trump then went on to say that there is no need for Canada to be in a new NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, US and Mexico) deal and the one currently in existence was 'worst trade deal ever made.' He even threatened to terminate NAFTA if Congress interfered with negotiations with Canada.





Meanwhile, the US media has been relentless since Trump gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he said - apparently on the condition of it being off the record - that he won't be compromising with Canada. This was reportedly leaked and Toronto Star published the remark, understandably infuriating Trump.





Trump's tweets on Saturday are now being seen as a fact that he has taken the diplomatic gloves off and is baring fangs to tear into Canada. Meanwhile, a pensive American diplomatic circle fears that the US President is alienating staunch allies by his words and posturing.