Opposition parties target Imran Khan after fuel price hike in Pakistan

Several hikes in fuel prices over the past few months has led opposition parties in Pakistan to accuse Imran Khan's government of being insensitive to the needs of people.

Opposition parties target Imran Khan after fuel price hike in Pakistan

Already bearing the brunt of their ire for Pakistan's crumbling economy, the Imran Khan government in the country had to face even more onslaught from rival parties after fuel prices here were hiked substantially over the weekend.

Petrol prices in the country have been hiked by Pakistani Rs 9.14 per litre while diesel prices per litre have gone up by Pakistani Rs 4.89. This is a 12 per cent and 17 per cent hike, respectively and has led to an angry outburst from not just people at large but the country's political parties in the opposition as well. Several members of the Opposition demonstrated outside the country's National Assembly. Among them were many who held placards calling for a rollback and questioning PM Imran Khan.

The main accusations made against the government is that Imran Khan had vowed to fight poverty and take care of the country's middle class but is now trying to extract the maximum amount possible from them. It is argued that a hike in fuel prices will lead to rise in transport costs which would in turn lead to essential commodities becoming pricier.

The decision of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to hike petrol prices has also been challenged in the Lahore High Court. A series of hikes in the last several months has led to angst among common people as well as given an excuse to opposition parties to target Imran Khan with.

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