Singapore to use thermal cameras to detect illegal smokers

Smoking cigarettes and puffing on electronic devices in non-designated places can earn a hefty fine of up to US $740.

Singapore to use thermal cameras to detect illegal smokers

The next time you are in Singapore and decide to light up just about anywhere, don't!

Already known for having one of the most stringent of anti-smoking laws, Singapore is all set to ramp up the anti-tobacco battle by installing thermal cameras capable of honing in on smokers puffing away in non-smoking areas. Local reports suggest that these cameras are capable of functioning 24x7 and in every weather condition.

Those caught by these thermal cameras would be fined 1,000 Singapore Dollars or roughly US $740.

Singapore has a no-tolerance policy towards smoking in public spaces and while it has designated areas for those looking to light up, any infraction attracts extremely heavy penalties. These extend to e-cigarettes as well. Smoking under the age of 18 is also not allowed here while Singapore's National Environment Agency repeatedly urges citizens to first remind smokers about the perils of their habit and also to report those who are found puffing in non-designated areas.