Why Donald Trump has never had a sip of alcohol

For someone whose pre-White House years have been about living the high life, Donald Trump has swayed away from alcohol of any kind.

Why Donald Trump has never had a sip of alcohol
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US President has a number of vices and has as army of critics not just in his country but around the world. He has faced countless allegations - both as a business tycoon as well as President, but never has a single finger been pointed towards his alcoholic habits. And that's because he has none.

Trump himself has claimed on several occasions that he has never had even a sip of alcohol in his entire life. Those around him believe there are enough reasons to believe this.

A report in the Washington Post said that Trump's aversion towards alcohol could indeed be true. Quoting people close to Trump, the report said that the US President always likes to be in control of himself and of situations, and realises it may not be possible if he begins consuming alcohol. Even when he was running his business empire, Trump reportedly stayed away from alcohol of any kind - including beer - to be in control of himself.

Another, and possibly bigger, reason for Trump's abstinence could be that his elder brother - Fred - died in 1981 at the age of 43 after struggling with alcoholism. Trump has reportedly said in the past that Fred always dissuaded him from trying alcohol.

For someone whose pre-White House years were marked by parties and women galore, it does surprise most that Trump has stayed away from alcohol. Additionally, he also claims to have never smoked cigarettes and taken drugs. Skeptics would continue to raise doubts but as far as alcohol is concerned, Trump may well - and indeed - be a teetotaler.