If only Batman could`ve saved victims: Tweet on US killing

Washington: People promptly took to Twitter to express shock and outrage over the killing of 14 people who were watching the new Batman movie `The Dark Knight Rises` in Denver, with some wondering what the world was coming to and one hoping if only Batman could`ve come out of the screen and saved the victims.

The trending topic #theatershooting# saw many tweeting about the incident in which a gunman wearing a gas mask opened fire and set off a type of smoke or tear gas bomb at the Century Theater in Aurora Mall outside Denver.

ripJordanDC tweeted: "If only Batman could`ve came out the screen & saved the victims".

Denverpost.com tracked tweets in a separate section.

"What a senseless act," tweeted ashpriom.

Asked _DebbieDebs "What has the world come to?"

"We live in troubled days. May God be with all those who lost friends and family," tweeted an anguished DSMullinax/

Val_KatyCat was clearly unhappy with the gun culture when she tweeted: "And still they authorize people to carry a gun --`"

"@_Snape_: Sometimes, this world can truly be a horrifying place. They just wanted to see a movie. #TheaterShooting" thats crazy!," wrote in miller2v.