MP Assembly election 2018 results Live updates: Thriller starring Congress and BJP | Live TV | List of leading and trailing Telangana ministers

Madhya Pradesh

Alliance Leads Won


101 1


119 0


2 0


7 0


Alliance Leads Won


60 11


86 16


3 3


15 5


Alliance Leads Won


19 0


62 0


9 0


0 0


Alliance Leads Won


66 21


18 4


1 0


6 3


Alliance Leads Won


0 1


0 5


0 26


1 7
  • 16:48 PM
    Wikipedia projects Sachin Pilot as 'Rajasthan CM' even before official declaration of assembly election results - READ FULL STORY
  • 16:47 PM
    The Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) has extended support to the Congress, which is already crossed the halfway mark in the Rajasthan Assembly elections. RLD vice president Jayant Chaudhary issued a letter in this regard. The letter read, "Respecting the mandate of the people, party President Chaudhary Ajit Singh has directed the MLA of the party to help Congress form a stable government." National Vice President of the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) Jayant Chaudhary issues a letter, states "Respecting the mandate of the people, party President Chaudhary Ajit Singh has directed the MLA of the party to help Congress form a stable govt." #RajasthanElections . — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 16:30 PM
    According to latest trends from Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is set to get a clear majority with leads on 119 seats while the BJP continues to lead on 100 seats. The BSP and others are leading on 4 and 7 seats respectively.
  • 16:22 PM
    Since I am going to form the government now, my first priorities will be three things - to impose a prohibition on liquor, repair roads and implement Social Economic Development Programme (SEDP) which is our flagship programme, says Mizo National Front (MNF) chief Zoramthanga after victory in Mizoram Assembly elections 2018. He further says, "We will not have any coalition government either with the BJP or any other ways because my party can form the government on its own, as we have got 26 seats out of 40. We are a part of NEDA (North-East Democratic Alliance) and NDA but we wouldn't like to join Congress or UPA."
  • 16:16 PM
    Telangana caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrsekhar Rao reaches Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) headquarters in Hyderabad: Telangana: K Chandrsekhar Rao arrives at party headquarters in Hyderabad, he won from Gajwel constituency by over 50,000 votes. TRS is leading on 77 seats in the state. #AssemblyElectionResults2018 — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 16:15 PM
    As per the latest trends from Madhya Pradesh at 4.17 pm, the Congress is leading on 114 seats while the BJP is leading on 106 seats. The BSP and others are leading on 4 and 6 respectively.
  • 16:14 PM
    Members and workers of Mizo National Front celebrate at party headquarters in Aizawl. The party has won 23 seats in the state so far. Mizoram: Members and workers of Mizo National Front celebrate at party headquarters in Aizawl. The party has won 23 seats in the state so far. #AssemblyElectionResults2018 — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 15:38 PM
    Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla loses both his seats
  • 15:35 PM
    According to ECI trends at 3.39 pm from Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is leading on 115 seats while the BJP is leading from 105 seats. The BSP and others are leading on 4 and 6 seats respectively.
  • 15:22 PM
    People of Chhattisgarh took the fight in their own hands. We are grateful to Rahul Gandhi, we fought for the people. We got more seats than expected, high command will decide on who will be the chief minister, says Chhattisgarh Congress chief Bhupesh Baghel. Chhattisgarh Congress President Bhupesh Baghel arrives at Congress office in Raipur. He says, “Ppl of Chhattisgarh took the fight in their own hands. We are grateful to Rahul Gandhi, we fought for the ppl. We got more seats than expected, high command will decide who will be CM” — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 15:03 PM
    According to ECI trends from Madhya Pradesh, the Congress party inches ahead of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with leads on 113 seats while the latter is leading on 106 seats. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is leading from four seats while others lead from 7 seats.
  • 14:56 PM
    Latest trends/results from all states at 3 pm: Madhya Pradesh: BJP - 110, Congress - 109, BSP - 5, Others - 6 Rajasthan: Congress - 101, BJP - 72, BSP - 5, Others - 21 Chhattisgarh: Congress - 66, BJP - 15, JCC+ - 8, Others - 1 Telangana: TRS - 85, Congress - 23, BJP - 3, Others - 8 Mizoram: MNF - 26, Congress - 5, BJP - 1, Others - 8
  • 14:55 PM
    Telangana caretaker minister and TRS candidate Talasani Srinivas Yadav wins from Sanath Nagar constituency by 30,217 votes.
  • 14:52 PM
    Pratap Singh of Congress wins from Jaipur Civil Lines constituency in Rajasthan.
  • 14:52 PM
    Prominent winners in Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 so far: Sachin Pilot (Congress) from Tonk, Vasundhara Raje (BJP) from Jhalrapatan, Suresh rawat (BJP) from Pushkar, Govind Ram (Congress) from Khajuwala (SC), Pratap Singh Khachariyavas (Congress) from Jaipur Civil Lines, Zahida Khan (Congress) from Kaman, Vasudev Devnani (BJP) from Ajmer North, Rakesh Pareek (Congress) from Masuda, Shobha Chauhan (BJP) from Sojat (SC), Rooparam (Congress) from Jaisalmer, Shale Mohammad (Congress) from Pokharan, Ashok Gehlot (Congress) from Sardarpura, Madan Prajapat (Congress) from Pachpadra, Chhagansingh (BJP) from Ahore, Jogeshwar Garg (BJP) from Jalore (SC), Pooraram Choudhary (BJP) from Bhinmal, Sukhram (Congress) from Sanchore, Sanyam Lodha (IND) from Sirohi, Sama Ram Grasiya (BJP) from Pindwara Abu (ST), Jagasi Ram (BJP) from Reodar, Dharmnarayan Joshi (BJP) from Mavli.
  • 14:24 PM
    Celebrations outside Congress office in Raipur, Chhattisgarh as the party secures majority: #WATCH: Celebrations outside Congress office in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Congress is leading on 60 out of 90 seats in the state. #AssemblyElections2018 — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 14:22 PM
    TRS president and Telangana caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao wins from Gajwel constituency by over 50,000 votes
  • 14:18 PM
    Former chief minister and veteran Congress leader Ashok Gehlot wins from Sardarpura constituency in Rajasthan.
  • 14:12 PM
    Vasundhara Raje wins from Jhalrapatan in Rajasthan; Sachin Pilot wins from Tonk constituency.
  • 14:04 PM
    Chhagan Singh of BJP wins from Ahore seat in Rajasthan.
  • 14:04 PM
    Vasudev Devnani of the BJP wins from Ajmer South seat in Rajasthan.
  • 13:52 PM
    Latest trends from all states at 2 pm: Madhya Pradesh: BJP - 111, Congress 108, BSP - 5, Others - 6 Rajasthan: Congress - 100, BJP - 72, BSP - 5, Others - 21 Telangana: TRS - 84, Prajakutami - 24, BJP - 3, Others - 8 Chhattisgarh: Congress - 65, BJP - 18, JCC+ - 6, Others - 1 Mizoram: MNF - 25, Congress - 6, BJP - 1, Others - 8
  • 13:49 PM
    Samaram Garasia of the BJP has won the Pindwara-Abu seat by defeating his nearest Congress rival Lalaram by a margin of 26974 votes in Rajasthan.
  • 13:47 PM
    According to ECI, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins one seat in Rajasthan.
  • 13:45 PM
    Sources tell Zee News that the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party have decided to not support the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in case there's a hung Assembly in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 13:38 PM
    As per official ECI trends at 1.45 pm from Madhya Pradesh: Congress - 112, BJP - 108, BSP - 4, Others - 6.
  • 13:35 PM
    Latest trends at 1.37 pm: Madhya Pradesh: Congress - 110, BJP - 109, BSP - 5, Others - 6. Rajasthan - Congress - 98, BJP - 77, BSP - 3, Others - 21.
  • 13:33 PM
    According to sources, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party (SP) are in discussion over the results in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Sources say that both the parties may decided jointly on who to support in case of a hung Assembly.
  • 13:31 PM
    Congress president Rahul Gandhi likely to address a press conference at 2.30 pm.
  • 13:30 PM
    Congress president Rahul Gandhi meets Sonia Gandhi as trends show a neck-and-neck contest between the Congress and the BJP in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 13:29 PM
    Official ECI trends at 1.30 pm: BJP leading on 111 seats, Congress on 108 seats, others on 11 seats in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 13:13 PM
    The Congress party has submitted a complaint to Telangana Chief Electoral Officer Rajat Kumar, raising suspicions that Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have been manipulated in the state. Hyderabad: Congress delegation submits a complaint to Telangana Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Rajat Kumar raising suspicions that Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have been manipulated in the state. #AssemblyElections2018 — ANI (@ANI) December 11, 2018
  • 13:02 PM
    We are moving towards a full majority and I am sure it will be clear once final numbers are in, but still we welcome all like-minded and anti-BJP parties to support us and we are in touch, says Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot.
  • 13:00 PM
    We are in contact with all those winning in Rajasthan. We hope to take this anti-BJP sentiment forward, considering that Lok Sabha elections is just months away, says Sachin Pilot.
  • 12:48 PM
    We are confident that we will form the government, it is a clear mandate against the BJP, says Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot.
  • 12:44 PM
    Senior BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria is trailing from Udaipur seat in Rajasthan.
  • 12:43 PM
    In 2019, I will be a part of the alliance formed to topple Modi-led NDA government. But there is no such alliance in place till now, says Ajit Jogi
  • 12:42 PM
    "The losing party always says the EVMs have been tampered with, this is absolutely false. Even the CEC in a press meeting yesterday said that it is not possible to tamper EVMs. People have given victory to TRS, what Congress is claiming is false," says Telangana Rashtra Samithi MP and K Chandrasekhar Rao's daughter K Kavitha.
  • 12:40 PM
    First attempt of any new political party is the same as that of JCC. We are satisfied with our performance, says Ajit Jogi.
  • 12:39 PM
    "The BJP was not in a position to perform at all. We feel that we have cut more of BJP's votes," says Ajit Jogi.
  • 12:31 PM
    Former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi says that despite getting election symbol just two months ahead of the Assembly elections, they managed to establish JCC as a prominent party in the state. "I have satisfaction that now people won't say that there are just two options in Chhattisgarh. I have brought a third alternative for the people in Chhattisgarh," says Ajit Jogi.
  • 12:29 PM
    Official ECI trends from Telangana: TRS leading on 90 seats, Congress leading on 16 seats, AIMIM on 5 seats, BJP leading on 1 seat, and others on 3 seats in Telangana.
  • 12:27 PM
    Both the Congress and the BJP fail to secure majority in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Independent candidates and other parties like the BSP are expected to play a key role in government formation.
  • 12:26 PM
    Latest trends from Madhya Pradesh at 12.28 pm - The BJP is leading on 109 seats while the Congress tally stands at 108. The BSP is leading on seven seats and others on six.
  • 12:20 PM
    Latest trends from Rajasthan at 12.26 pm - The Congress leading on 92 seats while the BJP is leading on 82. Others may play a key role in government formation as they are leading on 22 seats and the BSP leads on three.
  • 12:17 PM
    We need to introspect. However, there is still a neck-and-neck race in Madhya Pradesh, says BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra.
  • 12:13 PM
    People of Rajasthan have voted for Congress in the Assembly elections, says Ashok Gehlot on trends.
  • 12:12 PM
    Former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot says the Congress is ready to join hands with all independent candidates.
  • 12:07 PM
    Trends at 12.13 pm: Madhya Pradesh - Congress - 117, BJP - 102, BSP - 5, Others - 6 Rajasthan - Congress - 94, BJP - 81, BSP - 2, Others - 22 Chhattisgarh - Congress - 63, BJP - 18, JCC+ - 8, Others - 1
  • 11:39 AM
    In a tight contest in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has now crossed the halfway mark while the Congress tally has fallen to 105. The BSP and others are leading on four and five seats respectively.
Constituency Candidate Party Status
Jabalpur CanttAshok Ishwardas Rohani BJPLeading
Jabalpur WestTarun Bhanot CONGLeading
SemariyaK.P. Tripathi BJPLeading
TeontharShyam Lal Dwivedi BJPLeading
MauganjPradeep Kumar Patel BJPLeading
DeotalabGirish Gautam BJPLeading
PanagarSushil Kumar Tiwari (Indu Bhaiya) BJPLeading
SihoraSmt. Nandni Maravi BJPLeading
ShahpuraBhoopendra Maravi (Bablu) CONGLeading
DindoriOmkar Singh Markam CONGLeading
BichhiyaNarayan Singh Patta CONGLeading
NiwasDr Ashok Marskole CONGLeading
MandlaDeosingh Saiyam BJPLeading
BaiharSanjay Uikey CONGLeading
BhainsdehiDharmu Singh Sirsam CONGLeading
TimarniSanjay Shah "Makrai" BJPLeading
HardaKamal Patel BJPLeading
Seoni MalwaPremshanker Kunjilal Verma (Baghwada) BJPLeading
HoshangabadDr.Sitasaran Sharma BJPLeading
LanjiHina Likhiram Kawre CONGLeading
SohagpurVijaypal Singh BJPLeading
PipariyaThakurdas Nagwanshi BJPLeading
UdaipuraDevendra Singh CONGLeading
BhojpurSurendra Patwa BJPLeading
Sanchi (SC)Dr. Prabhuram Choudhary CONGLeading
SilwaniDevendra Patel CONGLeading
BasodaLeena Jain BJPLeading
Indore-1Sanjay Shukla CONGLeading
VijaypurRamniwas Rawat CONGLeading
SabalagadhLal Singh Kewat BSPLeading
SumaoliAdal Singh Kansana CONGLeading
DimaniGirraj Dandotiya CONGLeading
AmbahKamlesh Jatav CONGLeading
SarangpurKunwarji Kothar BJPLeading
KalapipalKunal Choudhary CONGLeading
SonkatchSajjan Singh Verma CONGLeading
PetlawadMaida Valsingh CONGLeading
SardarpurPratap Grewal CONGLeading
GandhwaniUmang Singhar CONGLeading
KukshiSurendra Singh Honey Baghel CONGLeading
Indore-2Ramesh Mendola BJPLeading
Indore-3Akash Kailash Vijaywargiya BJPLeading
Indore-4Malini Lakshman Singh Gaur BJPLeading
VidishaShashank Shrikrishan Bhargava CONGLeading
Indore-5Satyanarayan Patel CONGLeading
Dr.Ambedkar Nagar -MhowUsha Thakur BJPLeading
BhindSanjeev Singh (Sanju) BSPLeading
LaharDr. Govind Singh CONGLeading
GohadRanvir Jatav CONGLeading
RauJitu Patwari CONGLeading
SanwerTulsiram Silawat CONGLeading
JataraKhatik Harishankar BJPLeading
NiwariAnil Jain BJPLeading
KhargapurChanda-Surendra Singh Gour CONGLeading
ChandlaAnuragi Harprasad (Gopi Master) CONGLeading
RajnagarArvind Pateriya BJPLeading
BijawarRajesh Kumar (Bablu Bhaiya) SPLeading
SusnerRana Vikram Singh INDLeading
AgarVipin Wankhede CONGLeading
ShajapurKarada Hukumsingh CONGLeading
ShujalpurInder Singh Parmar BJPLeading
SheopurBabulal CONGLeading
JauraBanavareelal Sharma (Japthap) CONGLeading
MorenaRaghuraj Singh Kansana CONGLeading
AterHemant Satyadev Katare CONGLeading
MehgaonO.P.S. Bhadoria CONGLeading
DewasGayatri Raje Puar BJPLeading
HatpipliyaManoj Narayan Singh Choudhary CONGLeading
KhategaonAashish Govind Sharma BJPLeading
BagliKannoje Pahadsingh BJPLeading
MandhataNarayan Patel CONGLeading
HarsudKunwar Vijay Shah BJPLeading
KhandwaDevendra Verma BJPLeading
PandhanaRam Dangore BJPLeading
NepanagarManju Rajendra Dadu BJPLeading
BurhanpurThakur Surendra Singh Naval Singh "Shera Bhaiya" INDLeading
BhikangaonJhuma Dr. Dhyansingh Solanki CONGLeading
BadwahaSachin Birla CONGLeading
MaheshwarDr. Vijaylaxmi Sadho CONGLeading
KasrawadSachin Subhashchandra Yadav CONGLeading
KhargoneRavi Rameshchandra Joshi CONGLeading
BhagwanpuraAmit Balke INDLeading
Sendhwa (S.T.)Gyarsilal Rawat CONGLeading
Rajpur (S.T.)Balaram CONGLeading
Pansemal (S.T.)Chandrabhaga Gangadas CONGLeading
Barwani (S.T.)Premsingh BJPLeading
AlirajpurMukesh Rawat CONGLeading
JobatKalawati Bhuriya CONGLeading
JhabuaGumansingh Damor BJPLeading
ThandlaVeer Singh CONGLeading
Gwalior RuralBharat Singh Kushwah BJPLeading
BhitarwarLakhan Singh Yadav CONGLeading
BhanderRaksha Devi CONGLeading
PohariSuresh Dhakad [Rathkheda] CONGLeading
PichhoreK. P. Singh CONGLeading
BamoriMahendra Singh Sisodiya (Sanju Bhaiya) CONGLeading
RaghogarhJaivardhan Singh CONGLeading
ChanderiGopal Singh Chauhan (Daggi Raja) CONGLeading
KhuraiBhupendra Bhaiya BJPLeading
DeoriHarsh Yadav CONGLeading
SagarShailendra Jain BJPLeading
TikamgarhYadvendra Singh "Jaggu Bhaiya" CONGLeading
PrithvipurBrajendra Singh Rathore CONGLeading
MaharajpurNeeraj Vinod Dixit CONGLeading
ChhatarpurAlok Chaturvedi (Pajjan Bhaiya) CONGLeading
MalharaKunwar Pradyumna Singh Lodhi (Munna Bhaiya) CONGLeading
Nagada - KhacharodDilip Gurjar CONGLeading
MahidpurBahadursingh Chouhan BJPLeading
TaranaMahesh Parmar CONGLeading
GhatiyaRamlal Malviya CONGLeading
Ujjain NorthParas Jain BJPLeading
Ujjain SouthDr. Mohan Yadav BJPLeading
BadnagarMurli Morwal CONGLeading
Ratlam RuralDilip Kumar Makwana BJPWon
Ratlam CityChetanya Kasyap BJPLeading
SailanaHarsh Vijay Gehlot "Guddu" CONGLeading
JaoraK.K. Sing , Kalukheda CONGLeading
AloteManoj Chawla CONGLeading
MandsourYashpal Singh Sisodiya BJPLeading
MalhargarhJagdish Dewda BJPLeading
SuwasraRadheshyam Patidar BJPLeading
GarothDevilal Dhakad (Advocate) BJPLeading
ManasaAnirudha (Madhav) Maroo BJPLeading
NeemuchDilip Singh Parihar BJPLeading
JawadOm Prakash Sakhlecha BJPLeading
PathariyaBrajendra Singh INDLeading
DamohJayant Malaiya BJPLeading
JaberaPratap Singh CONGLeading
HattaPurusottam/Ramkali Tantuway Hatta BJPLeading
PawaiPrahlad Lodhi BJPLeading
GunnourShivdayal Bagri CONGLeading
PannaBrijendra Pratap Singh BJPLeading
ChitrakootNeelanshu Chaturvedi CONGLeading
RaigaonJugul Kishor Bagri BJPLeading
JaitpurManisha Singh BJPLeading
KotamaSuneel Kumar CONGLeading
AnuppurBisahulal Singh CONGLeading
PusprajgarhPhundelal Singh Marko CONGLeading
BandhavgarhShivnarayan Singh (Lallu Bhaiya) BJPLeading
ManpurMeena Singh BJPLeading
BadwaraVijayraghvendra Singh (Basant Singh) CONGLeading
VijayraghavgarhSanjay Satyendra Pathak BJPLeading
MudwaraSandip Shree Prasad Jaiswal BJPLeading
BahoribandPranay Prabhat Pandey (Guddu Bhaiya) BJPLeading
PatanAjay Vishnoi BJPLeading
BargiSanjay Yadav "Seoni Tola" CONGLeading
Jabalpur EastLakhan Ghanghoriya CONGLeading
Jabalpur NorthVinay Saxena CONGLeading
ParaswadaKankar Munjare SPLeading
BalaghatGaurishanker Chaturbhuj Bisen BJPLeading
WaraseoniYogendra BJPLeading
KatangiTamlal Raghuji Sahare CONGLeading
BarghatArjun Singh CONGLeading
SeoniDinesh Rai Munmun BJPLeading
KeolariRajneesh Harvansh Singh CONGLeading
LakhanadonYogendra Singh "Baba" CONGLeading
GotegaonNarmada Prasad Prajapati (N.P.) CONGLeading
NarsingpurJalam Singh Patel "Munna Bhaiya" BJPLeading
TendukhedaSanjay Sharma "Sanju Bhaiya" CONGLeading
GadarwaraSuneeta Patel CONGLeading
JunnardeoSunil Uikey CONGLeading
AmarwaraManmohan Shah Batti GGPLeading
ChouraiSujeet Singh Choudhary CONGLeading
SausarVijay Revnath Chore CONGLeading
ChhindwaraDeepak Saxena CONGLeading
ParasiyaSohanlal Balmik CONGLeading
PandhurnaNilesh Pusaram Uikey CONGLeading
MultaiRaja Pawar BJPLeading
AmlaManoj Malve CONGLeading
BetulNilay Vinod Daga CONGLeading
GhodadongriBramha Bhalavi CONGLeading
Kurwai (SC)Hari Singh Sapre BJPLeading
SironjUmakant Sharma BJPLeading
ShamshabadRajshri - Rudra Pratap Singh. BJPLeading
BerasiaVishnu Khatri BJPLeading
Bhopal UttarArif Aqueel CONGLeading
NarelaVishvas Sarang BJPLeading
Bhopal Dakshina-PashchimUma Shankar Gupta BJPLeading
Bhopal MadhyaArif Masood CONGLeading
GovindpuraKrishna Gaur BJPLeading
HuzurRameshwar Sharma BJPLeading
BudhniShivraj Singh Chouhan BJPLeading
AshtaRaghunath Singh BJPLeading
IchhawarKaran Singh Verma BJPLeading
SehoreSudesh Rai BJPLeading
NarsinghgarhRajyavardhan Singh BJPLeading
BiaoraGovardhan Dangi CONGLeading
RajgarhBapusingh Tanwar CONGLeading
KhilchipurPriyavrat Singh CONGLeading
ManawarDr. Hiralal Alawa CONGLeading
DharampuriPanchilal Meda CONGLeading
DharNeena Vikram Verma BJPLeading
BadnawarRajvardhan Singh - Premsingh Dattigaw CONGLeading
DepalpurVishal Jagdish Patel CONGLeading
GwaliorPradhuman Singh Tomar CONGLeading
Gwalior EastMunnalal Goyal (Munna Bhaiya) CONGLeading
Gwalior SouthNarayan Singh Kushwah BJPLeading
DabaraImarti Devi CONGLeading
SewdaGhanshyam Singh CONGLeading
DatiaDr.Narottam Mishra BJPLeading
KareraJasmant CONGLeading
ShivpuriYashodhara Raje Scindia BJPLeading
KolarasMahendra Ramsingh Yadav CONGLeading
GunaGopilal Jatav BJPLeading
ChachodaLakshman Singh CONGLeading
Ashok NagarJajpal Singh "Jajji" CONGLeading
MungaoliBrajendra Singh Yadav CONGLeading
BinaMahesh Rai BJPLeading
SurkhiGovind Singh Rajput CONGLeading
RehliGopal Bhargava BJPLeading
NaryawaliEng. Pradeep Lariya BJPLeading
BandaTarbar Singh (Bantu Bhaiya) CONGLeading
SatnaDabbu Siddharth Sukhlal Kushwaha CONGLeading
NagodYadvendra Singh CONGLeading
MaiharNarayan Tripathi BJPLeading
AmarpatanRamkhelawan Patel BJPLeading
Rampur BaghelanVikram Singh(Vikki) BJPLeading
SirmourDivyaraj Singh BJPLeading
MangawanPanchu Lal Prajapati BJPLeading
RewaRajendra Shukla BJPLeading
GurhNagendra Singh BJPLeading
ChurhatSharadendu Tiwari BJPLeading
SidhiKedar Nath Shukl BJPLeading
SihawalKamleshwar Indrajeet Kumar CONGLeading
ChitrangiAmar Singh BJPLeading
SingarouliRamlallu Vaishya BJPLeading
DevsarSubhash Chandra BJPLeading
DhouhaniKunwar Singh Tekam BJPLeading
BeohariSharad BJPLeading
JaisinghnagarJaisingh Maravi BJPLeading
Constituency Candidate Party Status
LachhmangarhGovind Singh Dotasara CONGLeading
Dhod (SC)Parasram Mordia CONGLeading
SikarRajendra Pareek CONGLeading
DantaramgarhHarish Chand Kumawat BJPLeading
KhandelaTejpal INDLeading
Neem Ka ThanaSuresh Modi CONGLeading
Bikaner EastSiddhi Kumari BJPLeading
KolayatBhanwar Singh Bhati CONGLeading
LunkaransarSumit Godara BJPLeading
Shree DungargarhGirdharilal CPI(M)Won
NokhaBiharilal BJPLeading
SadulpurKrishna Poonia CONGLeading
Kishangarh BasDeep Chand BSPWon
MundawarManjeet Dharampal Choudhary BJPWon
BehrorBaljeet Yadav INDWon
BansurShakuntala Rawat CONGLeading
ThanagaziKanti Prasad INDWon
Alwar Rural (SC)Tika Ram Jully CONGLeading
Alwar UrbanSanjay Sharma BJPLeading
Ramgarh Awaited
Rajgarh-Laxmangarh (ST)Johari Lal Meena CONGWon
Kathumar (SC)Babulal CONGWon
KamanZahida Khan CONGWon
NagarWajib Ali BSPWon
Deeg-KumherVishvendra Singh CONGLeading
Merta (SC)Indira Devi RLPLeading
DeganaVijaypal Mirdha CONGLeading
MakranaRoopa Ram BJPLeading
DausaMurari Lal CONGLeading
Lalsot (ST)Parsadi Lal CONGLeading
GangapurRamkesh INDLeading
Bamanwas (st)Indra CONGLeading
Sawai MadhopurDanish Abrar CONGLeading
ParbatsarRamniwas Gawriya CONGLeading
NawanMahendra Choudhary CONGLeading
JaitaranAvinash BJPLeading
Sojat (SC)Shobha Chauhan BJPLeading
PaliGyanchand Parakh BJPLeading
Marwar JunctionKesa Ram INDLeading
BaliPushpendra Singh BJPLeading
SumerpurJoraram Kumawat BJPLeading
PhalodiPabba Ram BJPLeading
Gogunda (ST)Pratap Lal Bheel (Gameti) BJPLeading
Jhadol (ST)Babu Lal BJPLeading
Kherwara (ST)Dayaram Parmar CONGLeading
Udaipur Rural (ST)Phool Singh Meena BJPLeading
UdaipurGulab Chand Kataria BJPLeading
MavliDharmnarayan Joshi BJPLeading
Vallabh NagarGajendra Singh Shaktawat CONGLeading
Salumber (ST)Amrit Lal Meena BJPLeading
Dhariawad (ST)Gotam Lal BJPLeading
Dungarpur (ST)Ganesh Ghogra CONGLeading
Aspur (ST)Gopichand Meena BJPWon
Sagwara (ST)Ramprasad BTPWon
Chorasi (ST)Rajkumar Roat BTPWon
TaranagarNarendra Budaniya CONGLeading
SardarshaharBhanwarlal Sharma CONGLeading
ChuruRafique Mandelia CONGLeading
Bari SadriLalit Kumar Ostwal BJPLeading
Pratapgarh (ST)Ramlal CONGLeading
BhimSudarshan Singh Rawat CONGLeading
KumbhalgarhSurendra Singh Rathore BJPLeading
RajsamandKiran Maheshwari BJPLeading
NathdwaraC. P. Joshi CONGLeading
AsindJabbar Singh Sankhala BJPLeading
MandalRamlal Jat CONGWon
SaharaKailash Chandra Trivedi CONGWon
BhilwaraVitthal Shankar Awasthi BJPLeading
Shahpura (SC)Kailash Chandra Meghwal BJPWon
JahazpurGopi Chand Meena BJPLeading
MandalgarhGopal Lal Sharma BJPWon
HindoliAshok CONGLeading
Keshoraipatan (SC)Chandrakanta Meghwal BJPLeading
BundiHarimohan Sharma CONGLeading
PipaldaRamnarain Meena CONGLeading
SangodBharat Singh Kundanpur CONGLeading
Kota NorthShanti Kumar Dhariwal CONGLeading
Kota SouthSandeep Sharma BJPLeading
LadpuraKalpana Devi BJPLeading
Ramganj Mandi (SC)Madan Dilawar BJPLeading
AntaPramod Bhaya CONGWon
Kishanganj (ST)Nirmala Sahariya CONGLeading
Baran-Atru (SC)Pana Chand Meghwal CONGLeading
ChhabraPratap Singh BJPLeading
Dag (SC)Kaluram BJPWon
JhalrapatanVasundhara Raje BJPLeading
KhanpurNarendra Nagar BJPWon
Manohar ThanaGovind Prasad BJPLeading
RajakheraRohit Bohra CONGLeading
Todabhim (ST)Prithviraj CONGLeading
Hindaun (SC)Bharosi Lal CONGLeading
KarauliLakhan Singh BSPLeading
Sapotra (ST)Ramesh Chand Meena CONGLeading
BandikuiGajraj Khatana CONGLeading
MahuwaAjeet Singh INDLeading
Sikrai (SC)Mamta Bhupesh CONGLeading
LohawatKisana Ram Vishnoi CONGLeading
ShergarhMeena Kanwar CONGLeading
OsianDivya Maderna CONGLeading
Bhopalgarh (SC)Pukhraj RLPLeading
SardarpuraAshok Gehlot CONGLeading
JodhpurManisha Panwar CONGLeading
SoorsagarSuryakanta Vyas BJPLeading
LuniMahendra Vishnoi CONGLeading
Bilara (SC)Heeraram CONGLeading
JaisalmerRooparam CONGLeading
PokaranShale Mohammad CONGLeading
SheoAmeen Khan CONGLeading
BarmerMewaram Jain CONGLeading
BaytuHarish Choudhary CONGLeading
PachpadraMadan Prajapat CONGWon
SiwanaHameer Singh BJPLeading
GudhamalaniHemaram Choudhary CONGLeading
Chohtan (SC)Padma Ram CONGLeading
AhoreChhagansingh BJPLeading
Jalore (SC)Jogeshwar Garg BJPLeading
BhinmalPooraram Choudhary BJPLeading
SanchoreSukhram CONGLeading
RaniwaraRatan CONGLeading
SirohiSanyam Lodha INDWon
Pindwara-Abu (ST)Sama Ram Grasiya BJPWon
Reodar (SC)Jagasi Ram BJPWon
Ghatol (ST)Harendra Ninama BJPLeading
Garhi (ST)Kailash Chandra Meena BJPLeading
Banswara (ST)Arjun Singh Bamniya CONGLeading
Bagidora (ST)Mahendrajeet Singh Malviya CONGLeading
Kushalgarh (ST)Ramila Khadiya INDLeading
Kapasan (SC)Arjun Lal Jingar BJPLeading
BegunBidhuri Rajendra Singh CONGLeading
ChittorgarhChandrabhan Singh Aakya BJPLeading
NimbaheraAnjana Udailal CONGLeading
SadulshaharJagdish Chander CONGLeading
GanganagarAmit Khariwal INDLeading
KaranpurGurmeet Singh Kooner CONGWon
SuratgarhRampratap Kasniyan BJPLeading
Raisingh Nagar (SC)Balveer Singh Luthra BJPLeading
Anupgarh (SC)Santosh BJPWon
SangariaGurdeep Singh BJPWon
HanumangarhVinod Kumar CONGWon
Pilibanga (SC)Dharmendra Kumar BJPLeading
NoharAmit CONGWon
BhadraBalwan CPI(M)Leading
Khajuwala (SC)Govind Ram CONGLeading
Bikaner WestBulaki Das Kalla CONGLeading
RatangarhAbhinesh Maharshi BJPLeading
Sujangarh (SC)Master Bhanwarlal Meghwal CONGLeading
Pilani (SC)J.P. Chandelia CONGLeading
SurajgarhSubhash Poonia BJPLeading
SrimadhopurDeependra Singh CONGLeading
KotputliRajendra Singh Yadav CONGLeading
ViratnagarIndraj Singh Gurjar CONGLeading
ShahpuraManish Yadav CONGWon
ChomuRamlal Sharma BJPLeading
PhuleraVidhadhar Singh CONGLeading
Dudu (SC)Babulal Nagar INDLeading
JhotwaraLalchand Kataria CONGLeading
AmberSatish Poonia BJPLeading
Jamwa Ramgarh (ST)Gopal Lal Meena CONGLeading
Hawa MahalDr. Mahesh Joshi CONGLeading
Vidhyadhar NagarNarpat Singh Rajvi BJPLeading
Civil LinesPratap Singh Khachariyavas CONGWon
Kishan PoleMohan Lal Gupta BJPLeading
Adarsh NagarRafeek Khan CONGLeading
Malviya NagarKalicharan Saraf BJPLeading
SanganerAshok BJPLeading
Bagru (SC)Ganga Devi CONGLeading
Bassi (ST)Anju Devi Dhanka INDLeading
Chaksu (SC)Ved Prakash Solanki CONGLeading
TijaraSandeep Kumar BSPWon
BharatpurDr. Subhash Garg RLDLeading
NadbaiJoginder Singh Awana BSPLeading
Weir (SC)Bhajan Lal Jatav CONGLeading
Bayana (SC)Amar Singh CONGLeading
Baseri (SC)Khiladi Lal Bairwa CONGLeading
BariGirraj Singh CONGLeading
DholpurShobharani Kushwah BJPLeading
Khandar (SC)Ashok CONGLeading
MalpuraKanhiya Lal BJPWon
Niwai (SC)Prashant Bairwa CONGWon
TonkSachin Pilot CONGWon
Deoli - UniaraHarish Chandra Meena CONGWon
KishangarhSuresh Tak INDLeading
PushkarSuresh Singh Rawat BJPLeading
Ajmer NorthVasudev Devnani BJPLeading
Ajmer South (SC)Anita Bhadel BJPLeading
NasirabadRamswaroop Lamba BJPLeading
BeawarShankar Singh Rawat BJPLeading
MasudaRakesh Pareek CONGLeading
KekriRaghu Sharma CONGLeading
LadnunMukesh Kumar Bhakar CONGLeading
DeedwanaChetan Singh Choudhary CONGLeading
Jayal (SC)Manju Devi CONGLeading
NagaurMohan Ram Choudhary BJPLeading
KhinwsarHanuman Beniwal RLPLeading
JhunjhunuBrijendra Singh Ola CONGWon
MandawaKum. Rita Choudhary CONGLeading
NawalgarhDr. Rajkumar Sharma CONGLeading
UdaipurwatiRajendrasingh Gudha BSPLeading
KhetriJitendra Singh CONGLeading
FatehpurSunita Kumari BJPLeading
  • Sachin Pilot

    Rahul Gandhi became party president exactly a year ago this day, this result is a gift for him
  • Digvijaya Singh

    Congress confident of forming government in Madhya Pradesh, will have a favourable situation in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh too
  • Rajnath Singh

    These are early trends, BJP hopes to perform well
  • BJP42
  • CONG41
  • BSP4
  • OTH19
  • BJP38
  • CONG39
  • BSP4
  • OTH19
  • BJP32
  • CONG45
  • JCC7
  • OTH16
  • TRS47
  • CONG30
  • BJP7
  • OTH16
  • CONG30
  • MNF38
  • BJP8
  • OTH24
  • LEO
ARIES Apr 01, 2018
Today your creativity and inner talent will express itself and allow it to free flow. There are
Taurus Apr 01, 2018
You want to spend your time with your family but you will be busy with your work that things may
Gemini Apr 01, 2018
Try to limit your speculation especially in matters relating to finance and invest only in safe and
Cancer Apr 01, 2018
Get ready for domination and head lines. You will take centre stage in both your work and personal
Leo Apr 01, 2018
Your new ideas and energy will rub shoulders with your colleagues and you will be an inspiration on
Virgo Apr 01, 2018
You will be full of love to offer to others all through the day. You will be very protective about
Libra Apr 01, 2018
You will enjoy a smooth financial life, even though may miss some enlistments. When it comes to
Scorpio Apr 01, 2018
Finances will have a moderate flow all through the day. Multiple avenues will open for There will
Sagittarius Apr 01, 2018
You may find yourself in complex situation today, but do not lose your patience. Try not to invest
Capricorn Apr 01, 2018
It's always better to save some money for future crisis even if you don't face them. The
Aquarius Apr 01, 2018
Professional life would boom and will bring new projects at your door step. You can also look
Pisces Apr 01, 2018
Despite having a busy professional life, you will have enough time to indulge in creativity. If