Achieving success in the UPSC exam on the first attempt is a challenging feat. Imagine hearing about an individual who not only cleared the UPSC exam on their initial try but also achieved an impressive All India Rank of 87. Muskan Jindal, hailing from Himachal Pradesh, accomplished this remarkable feat in the 2019 examination and later became an IFS officer.


Muskan had a strong academic background and a long-standing ambition of becoming a civil servant. She meticulously directed her studies in that direction from a young age. She excelled in both school and college, completing her schooling in Biddi with a 10 cumulative grade points average in the tenth grade and achieving a remarkable 96% in Class 12. Following this, she pursued a B. Com (Hons) degree from SD College Chandigarh, Punjab University, where she secured the 5th rank in her graduating class.

Her diligent preparation for UPSC involved daily reading of newspapers, with a heightened focus and interest during this crucial period. For staying updated with current affairs, she relied on available online compilations.

Muskaan holds a unique perspective on phone usage and social media during her preparation. She maintained her phone throughout her preparation but emphasized the necessity of self-control in its usage, allowing distractions only when truly necessary.

Consistency emerged as a vital factor in Muskan's UPSC preparation strategy. She stressed the importance of daily motivation to stay dedicated to studies consistently. Despite the challenges, she emphasized the necessity of pushing through and remaining committed.

In her approach to exam paper answering, Muskaan emphasized the significance of practice. She believed in maintaining a balanced and honest demeanor during interviews. Following these critical aspects, she believed anyone could attain success on their first attempt.

During an interview, Muskan acknowledged seeking guidance from various institutes, both online and offline, but highlighted the primary role of self-study in her success. She diligently set and adhered to weekly study targets, dedicating approximately 7 to 8 hours daily to her preparation.