It is indeed surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who make sure to follow the path of their dreams instead of only imitating the paths already trodden by other established names across industries of the world. These individuals are known throughout their journeys for the many courageous decisions they take in their lifetimes, only to eventually reach their desired success. Ace multiple business owner, and the head honcho of COGEF, Rizwan Adatia, emerged as one such incredible example of rags to riches story via his hardwork.


Rizwan Adatia, who belonged to a humble background, hailed from a family of nine members in Porbandar, Gujarat. Adatia learned from his self-employed father, Nuruddinbhai Babubhai Singwada (a groundnut seller) and his homemaker mother, the value of hard work, honesty, integrity and trust.  He saw how his father worked day in and day out to provide for his family and still save some money. Every sibling made sure to support the family in some way, such were the values they were ingested with since the beginning, and that’s what Rizwan learned from them as one of the youngest of all. 

Help From Brother 

One of his brothers Ashique bhai, known for his sharp and intelligent mind, would support him often to fulfil his dreams. Rizwan, on the other hand, would always dream of becoming a self-sufficient and successful business owner. 

Started career at a local grocery store

To fulfil the same, at a very young age, he began supporting a local grocery store owner while completing his studies. Working at the store, he gained several valuable experiences in the trade and developed his skillset for the same. He recalls how after a few years, it was Ashique bhai who encouraged him to move with him to Africa to learn the tricks of the trade and step foot in the world of business. 

Went to Africa in 1986

It was August 1986 when Rizwan decided to take his first flight from Porbandar to Mumbai and then to Kinshasa, Africa, for a new beginning of his career and life. Since then, this self-driven, tenacious individual has never looked back.

Rizwan Adatia, after facing tons of struggles and challenges, with a positive outlook and attitude, always focused on coming up with solutions to every challenge he faced in his journey. This propelled him to become an influential leader and a powerful business magnate across Africa. Today, he is not just known for his highly successful businesses but, most importantly, for his compassion and empathy, which have helped him to bring to reality his dream in the form of his NGO, the RAF Global.

Chairman, COGEF Group

Today, as the Chairman of COGEF, Rizwan Adatia has expanded enormously with over 25 supermarkets in Mozambique, 105 shops, five factories, 38 warehouses, and offices in 8 Asian and African countries, with more than 3,500 employees (data as of 2019). He wants to help 10 million people by 2030 through his NGO. So far, they have positively impacted the lives of over 1 million.

Starting from Porbandar as a youngster with eyes full of dreams to landing in Africa, facing challenges, overcoming them all and becoming the Chairman of one of the largest and most talked-about private consumer goods groups, Rizwan Adatia, indeed, has come a long way.