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IPL 2018 RCB vs KXIP scores update: Umesh, AB De Villiers take RCB home

Catch all the updates from the game between RCB (Bangalore) and KXIP (Punjab) scheduled to be played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Friday. 

IPL 2018 RCB vs KXIP scores update: Umesh, AB De Villiers take RCB home
Courtesy: IANS

23.15 IST: Andrew Tye has made a nice comeback here. Yorking the RCB batters consistently and bowls a six-run over to see RCB needing 41 in 24 balls. Mujeeb comes in for the 17th over. He has given just 10 in his first three overs. But Ashwin could have used him at this point only.either he could have made it or break it. But here, his luck runs out and he concedes 19 runs after ABD hits him for a couple of sixes. Mandeep had collected a four earlier to make it a welcome over for RCB. It is RCB's game as of now. Need just 22 off 18. 

Mohit is back. RCB are on their way towards victory as ABD has clubbed Mohit's slower ball for a monstrous six. He gets his fifty as well in 36 balls. By the way his last three balls have been sixes. RCB need 10 off 12. 

OUT!!!! ABD goes now. Gone on 57. Tye picks him at sweeper off the short ball. See how the momentum swings in T20. Just look at what is happening here. Now Mandeep runs himself out on the double. He got a double the previous ball but falls almost a meter short on the second. RCB is unnecessarily making it tough for themselves. Tye finishes a good over here. RCB need 5 off 6 balls. 

Mohit to bowl the last over. And what was he thinking here. Sundar on strike and he bowls it short. Sundar slashes hard and gets a boundary. RCB just one away from the win. Dot ball follows. That's it. Sunder crunches the next ball through cover for a boundary. RCB win by 4 wickets with 3 balls to spare to collect their first win. Though the way they started, they shouldn't have taken thus far. 


22.58 IST: De Kock has shown intent against KXIP and that is why he could reverse sweep Patel for a boundary. That is some confidence. But wait!! what is happening here??? Ashwin has got his man this time. De Kock jumps out slightly early and Ashwin alters the length a touch. The ball sneaks in through his gate and the stumps flash to signal the wicket. OUT!!! Could there be another turn here? definitely yes as Ashwin turn leg-spinner and gets Sarfaraz Khan the next ball at slip. OUT!!! that's two in two and can he get the third here? Mandeep plays it safely. Twice in this game has bowlers on the verge of hattrick. Umesh Yadav earlier and then Ashwin. But that is certainly a stutter here. Caution RCB. After 13 RCB were 93/4.  

Ashwin knows it's spin that is working for them. Both him and Patel are over with their spells. Mujeeb is left with one so Ashwin has no option but to use his pacers here. Tye comes in and sneaks in a seven-run over. RCB need 56 in 36 here. Mohit is brought back in. Begins well as he is targeting the blockhole. AB is moving in the crease already. But Mohit is bowling an exceptional over here as he bowls a back of the hand slower for a single. And then after 26 balls, AB and RCB get a much-needed boundary. That is poor fielding in the deep as two fielders watch to let the ball hit the ropes. RCB need 47 off 30 balls now. AB is doing it for them. Click for scores

22.36 IST: Even if Punjab is conceding a four in every over, that is not going to help them in any way. RCB know they need only release shot and that is what Punjab have to control. And it is De Kock who is taking calculated chances with nimble footwork. The way he stepped out to flick both Ashwin and Mujeeb through midwicket was exceptional. RCB on track 48/2 in 7 overs. 

What makes Mohit Sharma, a dibbly-dobly military medium pacer think that he can bounce AB de Villiers out? Bad choice against AB. He takes his time and produces a flat pull in front of square for a six. That was a statement saying don't you dare try that again. When De Kock comes on strike, Mohit rolls his fingers over the ball but is terrible with length. This is like a leg-spinner's half tracker and the lefty just pulls it past fine-leg for a boundary. On the last ball too, he struggles with this line now and fires one wide to which AB shows no mercy and flatbats in utter disdain for a four. RCB reached 64/2 in 8 overs. 

After a good Patel over, Ashwin comes back and is taken for runs. De Kock has taken him by a surprise here. Used his footwork beautifully and launches Ashwin's flighted delivery over his head for a six. Then as Ashwin goes flatter, De Kock goes down on one knee and sweeps for a boundary. RCB is getting the release strokes easily here. RCB were 79/2 in 10 overs and are on track for an early finish. Click here for scores.  

22.09 IST: Introducing spin straightaway against Brendon McCullum and Quinton de Kock was a good plan defending 155. And would you believe it, Axar Patel strikes first ball. Gets the big fish here. McCullum cuts that wide ball straight into point's hands. OUT!!! Could this game go down the wire like the SRH vs MI match yesterday? Don't think so as Virat Kohli comes and easily gets on with his job. Starts with a boundary through point and then gets off strike with a single. De Kock then slaps a long hop through point. Pressure is released. And the same thing is repeated in the next over. Ashwin comes and Kohli skillfully guides his first ball through the third man for a boundary. And once he gets off strike, De Kock punches one through cover for a four. Punjab aren't able create any pressure here. In 2 overs, RCB 19/1. 

Then Afghan spinner Mujeeb take the ball and he keeps it tight. His action helps him initially and Kohli bats wisely to not risk anything against him. As a captain what option are you left with? Going back to pace. And that is what Kohli is waiting for. He steps out no matter what and pulls the short delivery for a boundary. On the fifth delivery Kohli takes a stride again and crunches Tye's slower ball through cover for a four. RCB are on track. They know how to go about this chase. In 4 overs, RCB were 32/1. Mujeeb continues and strikes. Castles Kohli now on 21. This is a loopy googly and I don't think Kohli picked that from the hand. went for the expansive drive through cover and the ball takes its own course to hit his stumps. That is a great wicket in Mujeeb's resume. He bowls a 1-run over and picks a wicket too. RCB 33/2 in 5 overs. Click here for scores

21.34 IST: Now it was on RCB to save as many runs as possible. To put it the other way, They were in a strong position to restrict Punjab under 160 easily. Sundar bowled a superb tight over followed by a dream spell by Umesh Yadav, who conceded 8 to end with figures of 4-0-23-3. Woakes had been struggling but bowled a better over picking a wicket to further dent Punjab. Andrew Tye took a chance on a slower fuller delivery and could hit long in the sky to be caught easily in the end. OUT!!! On the other end, Ashwin is playing a captain's innings.Displayed quite a few shots in his knock. When Chahal comes in the 19th over, he steps out and deposits him over his head for a six. But next ball he goes again and goes for good. He is stumped. Gone on 33 off 21 balls. OUT!!! Still, a lot of credit to Ashwin to take his team to at least 160. KXIP were 153/9 in 19 overs and then they lost their last wicket to Woakes to end innings at 155. Losing wickets in lumps has derailed Punjab. Kohli must be salivating already. Click here for scores

21.08 IST: Chahal comes in for the 11th over and gives away 10 to cap off another good over here. Sundar takes over from the other end and makes impact right away. Rahul felt pressure and went for a slog sweep but Sundar has pitched it on a good length. The ball takes the leading edge and settles safely in the hands of the third man fielder. OUT!!! that is a big blow for Punjab. 

With Nair showing signs of taking on the spinners, Virat Kohli brings Khejroliya. And as he would have expected, Nair was craving for width and takes a wild hoic on the last ball to see his timber splattered. OUT!!!. KXIP in a spot of bother. After 13 overs, they had lost five wickets and were 102/5. 

Now Washington picks up another wicket. After getting hit for a six over his head the previous ball, the Aussie jumped a little too early and Sundar adjusts his length to fox Stoinis. Quinton de Kock clips the bails behind. OUT!!!!. KXIP are in deep trouble now. They were 111/6 in 14 overs. 

This is all happening here. KXIP lose their seventh as Axar Patel gets hit on the pad. Khejroliya's delivery has got him flush on the middle and surprisingly he asks for a review. That was as straight as it could get. The video umpire confirms his exit. OUT!!!. Khejroliya is delighted as he picked his second wicket. And Oh! Amidst all this, R Ashwin, the batsman caressed one through cover before Patel made his way back. KXIP 122/7 in 15 overs. Click here for scores

20.40 IST: Yadav, with that monk hairstyle of his, has delivered a very un-monk spell. He has certainly brought RCB back into the game especially after Rahul started on a high. His three-wicket burst has shaken KXIP up. At the powerplay, KXIP were 50/3. Could we say that RCB has won half the battle? Yuzvendra Chahal was brought in the seventh over. Started well but one short ball meant he was pulled for a six. That was a short arm jab from Rahul. Chahal gave away 11. 

Then Woakes was brought back. This is a perfect time for all the bowlers to sneak in a few overs. Punjab pair would not want to take any risks here. So, Woakes too gets away with a ten run over, which could have been a six-run one had he not bowled one short.Nair just ramped that for a four in the back V. Chahal returned and found good lengths against Rahul as he made room for each delivery. After good five balls, Chahal fires it down the leg and Rahul paddles it fine for a four. KXIP were 76/3 in 9 overs.  Remember, RCB will have to use their main bowlers bowl 20 overs as they have gone in with five-specialist bowlers. 

Washington Sundar takes the ball now. Little surprise he was not bowled with the new ball but after his previous game, in which he conceded quite a bit in the powerplay, he was preferred to bowl in the middle overs with full protection on the ropes. Bowled tight and gave away just five to see KXIP reach 84/3 in 10 overs. KL Rahul neared another fifty and was batting on 44. Click here for scores.  

20.12 IST: How good is KL Rahul watching the ball? I say like a football right from ball one. That is the amount of confidence he has carried into this game from Mohali. Yes, he knows the Bangalore pitch inside out but still you have to cover the line to launch the stroke. RCB pacer Chris Woakes will admit that Rahul is batting like a king. The twin sixes he hit on the third and the fourth ball weren't as bad as deliveries but Rahul just helped them with a smooth follow through. The first one had a little width and Rahul hit on the up to cross the cover boundary. Then, the next one was on the middle-leg and Rahul produced a scintillating flick on the rise to deposit that way back into the square-leg boundary. On the last ball, he tickled one past short fine-leg to find a boundary. 

Another Karnataka was on strike from the other end. Mayank Agarwal too started in the same vein. Started with a pull for a four and then made room to play a beautiful off-drive past the bowler for another boundary. KXIP were 25 in 2 overs. Then came left-arm seamer Kulwant Khejroliya who bowled a good over, just that he conceded a boundary. 

And then Yadav came back and made impact straight away. First Mayank Agarwal knicked one behind and Quinton de Kock took a brilliant diving catch. OUT!!!. Next ball it was Aaron Finch, who has just returned from his marriage. But he too is surprised by Yadav's pace and is trapped in front. Punjab take the review but it confirms that the ball was just clipping the bail. OUT!!!. Then comes Yuvraj Singh. He hasn't fired for a long time. And after one four of the pull, which could actually have been a catch had the fielder in the deep would have been two yards back. Umesh Yadav alters his length and bowls at length and splatters Yuvi's timber through the gate. OUT !!!I recall his dismissal in the 2011 World Cup semifinal against Pakistan in which a Wahab Riaz delivery castled him. What an over this for RCB. KXIP struggling on 36/3 and it is entirely on Rahul to take them to safety now. 

The last of the Karnataka players makes his way to the middle. Karun Nair joins Rahul. It's Khejroliya for his second over. He tries to bounce Rahul out but Rahul ramps/paddles him over fine-leg for a six. as they exchange ends, Nair drives on the up and this is a beauty of a drive. KXIP reach 48/3 in five overs. Click here for scores

19.57 IST: Three men from the Punjab side will be playing at home. KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal and Karun Nair. Isn't that a boost already for KXIP? Click here for scores

19.37 IST: Virat Kohli has won the toss and will follow the trend of chasing. He goes with the same team that played against KKR but KXIP has brought in Aaron Finch in place of David Miller. The wicket has a tinge of green and it will expect to hold good until the second innings. A run heaven, Bangalore crowd is in for a run-fest here. 

New Delhi: Hello and welcome to the First, wishing all of you including our followers from Punjab a very Happy Baisakhi. It is Baisakhi and a big day for Punjab. At the IPL too, KXIP will be looking to continue their winning momentum as they take on hosts and Virat Kohli-led RCB. R Ashwin marshaled his troops really well against Delhi the other day but Kohli experienced yet another disappointing start to the IPL. Against Punjab, his task could be a little easy as couple of Punjab players including KL Rahul and Chris Gayle belonged in his ranks till a year back. 

KL Rahul produced the fastest fifty of the IPL against Delhi and powered Punjab to thrash DD. If he continues from where he left off at his home ground, KXIP could be in for a huge score, considering smaller dimensions of this particular ground. On the other hand, RCB, though having got quite a few bowling options this year, will be expected to stand up in the bowling department as in the previous game against KKR, they ended up on the losing side failing to defend a good score of 176. And of course, RCB will have huge expectations from Kohli and Brendon McCullum and would want to convert their starts into 70-80's. Otherwise, RCB are a powerhouse in the batting department.