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IPL 2018 SRH vs MI scores update: SRH beat MI by one wicket in thriller

Catch all the updates from the match between SRH and MI to be played in Hyderabad on Thursday. 

IPL 2018 SRH vs MI scores update: SRH beat MI by one wicket in thriller
Courtesy: PTI

23.35 IST: Is there a sting in the tale? I Ask again. The way SRH have lost wickets in a heap, it was never going to be easy. And especially when you have Mustafiz and Bumrah saved for the death overs. Earlier Bumrah struck twice in two balls to bring MI back in the game. Later, Mustafiz lands a couple of blows in the penultimate over to send SRH nine down. This was after they had no against his cutters. Understandable with the tail. With Hooda blocked at the other end, SRH would have never even fathomed something of this sort. But this match is all about momentum swinging either way. In the last over, SRH needed 11 and Hooda slams a six off the first ball. Game on. A wide the next ball. Ben Cutting under pressure now. Bowls a dot ball and SRH require 4 off 4. A single the next ball to bring Stanlake on strike. He takes a single. Hooda takes another and scores are tied. 1 off 1 needed. Billy Stanlake You beauty. Takes a hoic and boy he clears that. SRH are relieved. SRH win this game by one wicket. Could you believe it?  And MI have lost another thriller here. Click here for scores

22.57 IST: Oh Boy!!! OUT!! Markande is having a night here. First, he deceives Manish Pandey in the 11th over and then picks his fourth wicket in the 13th over as Shakib plays on. OUT!! Markande finishes with figures of 4-023-4. Although, MI doesn't have a lot to fall back on but Markande has certainly raised MI hopes here. Now it on Deepak Hooda and Yusuf Pathan to se them through. This is not what SRh expected. This wiry looking leggie from Punjab has landed four blows. Caution SRH!!! 

It's all about staying there and rotate strike for a couple of overs. But SRH are letting their overconfidence get the better off them. Now Yusuf Pathan survives as Ben Cutting catches him at long-on but flicks the ball back in to save five runs. SRH 121/5 in 15 overs. Need 27 off 30. Click here for scores

22.31 IST: If you are Shikhar Dhawan, you absolutely don't have to try much to score runs, especially at this juncture. It's MI who are under pressure to get wickets. And looking at Bumrah's over, you could easily understand the desperation to pick wickets. In the process, Bumrah loses his line thrice in the over and Dhawan was in no mood to pounce on those. Bumrah was milked and SRH reached 56/0 in six overs. 

But if there is one bowler who is having a dream run is MI leggie Mayank Markande. Comes in the seventh over and bowls with a big heart. But overpitches the first ball and invites Dhawan into the cover drive. He crunches it for a four through cover. Two balls later, Saha is trapped by a googly. He has no clue about it as he steps out and gets hit on the leg. Umpire gives not out. MI take the review and guess what, the decision is overturned. Saha is gone as the ball is hitting the stumps. OUT!!! SRH 63/1. 

Next up Mustafizur takes the ball and hits the deck hard. Dhawan pulls it harder to get a boundary. Two balls later, Mustafiz's cutter is guided through third man for a four by Kane William son. But Williamson tries to play the same shot the following delivery and this gets faint edge caught behind. Umpire gives not out and MI again take the review. Boy they are guessing it right. And yes, this time too, Ultra Edge confirms the presence of a faint knick and Williamson had to walk out. OUT!!!. SRH 73/2 in 8 overs. 

Was there a sting in the tale? Markande returned and bowls tight against Dhawan. The Delhi batsman loses his cool and slog sweeps him. The ball has gone high and Dhawan is gone now. OUT!!!! Match on here. Pandey walks in and cuts Markande for a four on the last ball. But SRH seem to be losing their focus. SRH 81/3. 

 Krunal comes in and bowls a regulation six-run over to see SRH reaching 87/3 in 10 overs. Click here for scores.  


22.07 IST: SRH bowlers have done their bit or should I say a lot more than their bit. Like the last match, now it is up to Dhawan & Co to stand up and get the job done. Why I say that is because MI perhaps doesn't have a great bowling lineup as SRH. Pradeep Sangwan begins the proceedings and loses his line the second ball. Dhawan slaps him through cover for a boundary. Next over, Jasprit Bumrah bowls well the first four balls and then strays down leg to allow Dhawan to flick it for a boundary. Without breaking any sweat SRH are getting easy runs. 

Sangwan returns and gets hit for three boundaries. The first was a whip through mid-wicket. Then Saha takes strike and he goes for a hoic. The ball scoops up but Ben Cutting drops him at mid on and gives a boundary. Later, Saha top edges a pull to find his second boundary. After three overs SRH were 28/0 and were cruising. Isn't it? 

Ben Cutting is brought in to cut down on the pace. Starts well but overpitches on the fourth ball. Saha clears his front leg and lifts it over his head for a boundary. SRH 39/0 in four overs. 

Krunal Pandya is introduced for the first time this IPL and the left-arm spinner finds length straight away. Stays unlucky as Saha edges behind but Ishan Kishan drops it. Saha is riding his luck. Anyhow, a good over for MI. SRH 42/0 in 5 overs. Click here for scores.  

21.32 IST: Mumbai's problems have been losing wickets at regular intervals. OUT!!! Ben Cutting was about to spark but lost his wicket to the wily Rashid, who foxed him with his googly to cap off a brilliant, almost matchwinning spell of 1/13. Then Williamson brings Sandeep Sharma in and he makes sure he is mixing his pace really well. On the fourth and the fifth balls, he uses knuckle balls to get dangerous looking Yadav and then Sangwan to deflate MI. The score is 137/8 in 19 overs. Mumbai must have got my point.  

Kaul comes into bowl the final over and gives away 10 with a boundary of the last ball.MI reach 147/8 in 20 overs. Click here for scores

21.00 IST: How good is the captaincy of Kane Williamson. He knows this is the time to attack and make sure MI don't get to take off from here. The mantra is to use your best bowlers against tricky starters. In this case, Keiron Pollard. Rashid Khan once again bowls perfect four balls to keep Pollard guessing but offers little width the next. Pollard latches on to it like a leech and lofts it over his head for a boundary. Still, MI needed a lot more than that to set up a competitive total. 

Kaul returned in the following over and he was spot on with his length. On the last ball though, he too went slightly wide and Pollard showed skill to guide him through the third man for a boundary. But it is Kaul who had put brakes on MI earlier and was making sure they were not letting off. 

Rashid came back and once again finished with a brilliant 3-run over. Shakib was the right guy to be given the ball in the 14th over. Let the MI batters use their own power to clear big hits, that was the plan. But when your skipper wants you to bowl slower and you sneak a quicker one, you ought to get punished. Pollard slams Shakib over cover for a six. Shakib then finishes off the over quickly. 

Now, at this stage, instead of bringing Stanlake back for his last over, Williamson could have used Sandeep Sharma as his speed was never going to aid free-hitting. But Stanlake came and bowled scorchers.He was fuller and Pollard just helped the ball on its way over the straight boundary for a maximum. Two balls later, Stanlake fired wide and Pollard helped its way through point and third man for a boundary. At this stage, it could have been stupid to lose a wicket but Pollard doesn't listen and checks his drive on the last ball. The ball scoops up and Dhawan completes the catch at sweeper. OUT !!! Once again MI couldn't capitalise on a start. Pollard went for 28 off 23. MI were 111/5. Click here for scores.   

20.36 IST: Siddarth Kaul was brought in the sixth over to bring normalcy back to SRH. His accuracy and the prowess to probe a nagging length has got him a lot of success in the past. After starting with a do ball against Kishan, Kaul saw Kishan charging down and altered his length by a yard to get a leading edge flying down to the third man. OUT!!! Yusuf Pathan caught it safely to give Kaul his first wicket. When Lewis came on strike, he literally was waiting for deliveries in his range and Kaul bowled one up realising that he was already standing on the backfoot. Lewis crunched him for a four. But on the last ball, wise Kaul rolled his fingers over the ball and pitched the same length. This time Lewis'timber was splattered. OUT !!! Kaul was ecstatic as he got his second wicket in only the first over. MI were suddenly under the pump at 54/3 at the end of the powerplay. 

Shakib capitalised on the situation and bowled a brilliant one-run over to newcomers Krunal Pandya and Suryakumar Yadav. Sandeep Sharma too bowled a four-run over as he was aware that none of the batsmen would take a chance. Shakib returned again but Krunal took him on and got consecutive boundaries displaying a lot of skill. A ball later, Shakib delivers the knockout punch as he bowls a floater and the ball lobs off the leading edge and Kane William son pouches it safely at cover. OUT!!!! Revenge has been taken. Mumbai were on the back foot. 

This was the best time to get Stanlake's overs bowled out. Newcomers on strike and he could really get off with quite a few good overs. But despite clocking in the high 147 ks consistently, his inconsistent length has troubled him. Slightly short and he was pulled by Yadav for a boundary. Still, not a bad over at all. Gave only six. MI 78/4 in 10 overs. Click here for scores

20.14 IST: With Sandeep Sharma taking the new ball, did SRH really miss Bhuvneshwar Kumar? Not really as the nippy campaigner was on the money straight away. His banana inswingers and spot on length troubled Rohit Sharma early. Offering no width, he frustrated Rohit so much that he tried manufacturing a pull and survived as Deepak Hooda fluffed the catch at mid-wicket. Anyway, he got SRH to a brilliant start with an one-run over. 

Next up it was Big Billy Stanlake with the ball. And boy he could hurl that white ball at express pace. On his second ball he tried bouncing Rohit but the Mumbai skipper went for a hook and got the premium as the ball went miles into the stands. Two balls later, Stanlake bowled a scorcher at 148ks but Rohit slapped it through cover for a boundary. Next up, Stanlake got his revenge thanks to a forward diving catch by Shakib Al Hasan at square-leg. Another low score for Rohit. SRH were happy as MI were 10/1 in 2 overs. 

Sandeep Sharma returned against Caribbean Ewin Lewis. He was off-target the first ball and Lewis showed him his place. He swiveled a little and pulled him over fine-leg to deposit him on the second tier. On the penultimate ball, Ishan Kishan, looking in a devastating mood stepped out and got an inside edge for a four. Sandeep gave away another four as Kishan guided a length delivery past the third man. Expensive over for SRH but certainly a much-wanted one for MI. 

This time even Kane Williamson went with a combination unlike the previous game. He thought Stanlake could really unsettle batsmen with his pace but he forgot that line is also important. If he offers width, he will concede runs, no matter what. And that is what Lewis showed that if he got the width, he is going to have a powerful swing at it. The first ball was little wide and Lewis timed it through cover for a four. Three balls later, Lewis produced another slash over cover for the same result. Then as Stanlake wanted to ping him with his pace, the line suffered and Lewis bunted him, actually flat batted him over cover for a six. Lewis looked the man for MI. The score was 43/1 in 4 overs. 

Then came Rashid Khan and once again there was a chance for SRH.This time Lewis got a top edge and Sandeep Sharma dropped a sitter. MI were on course and now SRH looked in danger. The score was 48/1 in five overs. Click here for scores.   

19.36 IST: Hyderabad skipper Kane Wiliamson has won his second toss in succession and has decided to bowl first. Mumbai have made couple of changes as Hardik Pandya drops out due to injury and Pradeep Sangwan makes way into the side. Also Ben Cutting has replaced Mitch McClenaghan as he represented SRH last season and was an automatic choice for Mumbai. For Hyderabad, Bhuvneshar Kumar has been rested owing to a stiff body and Punjab seamer Sandeep Sharma will take the new ball. Click here for scores.  

Hello and welcome to It's Thursday and time for IPL 2018's match No 7 to get underway between SRH (Hyderabad) and MI (Mumbai) at the Uppal Stadium in Hyderabad. The Deccan franchise started on a great note thrashing Rajasthan by nine wickets in their opening game. SRH bowlers had a field day restricting Rajasthan to a lowly 125. Later, Shikhar Dhawan and Kane Williamson showed a fire and ice combo to raze down Rajasthan's target. Playing their second game of the season also at home, SRH will take a lot of confidence taking on Mumbai. And for the starters, SRH with any doubt have the best bowling in the League and Mumbai will have to devise a sound plan to pin them down. 

On the other hand, Mumbai have been slow starters as the history of the competition suggests. But after that opening defeat at the Wankhede Stadium, with Dwayne Bravo playing a heroic inning, Mumbai will be hurt but not underconfident. They had put on 165 odd and the good thing about the side is that the middle-order had put on impactful stands. The only worry for Mumbai will be their skipper Rohit Sharma's form who couldn't get going. But a lot of hopes will rest on the Pandya brothers and the young leggie Mayank Markande, who experienced a dream debut.