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Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you - September 28, 2018

Sep 28, 2018, 05:51 AM IST

You siblings will draw inspiration from your actions. Short travel to artistic or romantic places is on cards. Try to be accommodative across all levels and types of people though this is not in your nature. You should be diplomatic to achieve big goals today


Try to minimise your risk by not going for new investment. The lure of big financial rewards is not worth to risk savings.  For those interested in writing or public speaking it is time to show your skills. Creativity is the buzz word today. Be it your hobby or profession, your singing, acting, writing skills will find a new life. 


For those with children, your focus will be on them and their well- being and your children will be surprised at the attention they are receiving from you. Just avoid gambling and speculative business and it may not be suitable for you. You will be wanting to spend your creative energy in making your home a better place to live 


It is a good time to spend time with your mother. People planning to invest in a vehicle or real estate will be surprised to see they interest will be more towards luxury than comforts. Those in love, your partner will be surprised at the high energy level and it will be obvious. For those who are away from home, you will be longing to come back to your home or homeland.


Your partner will be critical of you and will try to scrutinise you in every aspects and actions. For those taking in positive stride will find it useful and help in improving yourself. People will be surprised to see your diplomatic and intellectual side today. Overall a wonderful day for you.


It will catch your opponent’s off-guard as they have not experienced your street-smart political acumen and intellect. Combined with your majestic aura will put all your friends and opponents mesmerised with you. However, it can touch your nerves if it is in excess. Handle it tactfully and avoid confrontation. 


You may like to travel a long distance to look for answers. You will find support from your father who will give you advice on various aspects of practical life. You will find yourself caught in many events that are not in your control. Try to focus on one or two areas and work in a calm and relaxed manner. 


A break may be ideal in such a situation when you are not able to grapple to many things. Your family and loved ones will be seeking your attention and you will just have to juggle across all levels today. You will feel more grounded and more focused towards spirituality today. Meditation and yoga will help you calm your nerves.


You should focus on some social cause that will align with your thought process and bring to results. You will be surprised many will follow you and you will even gain support from rich and influential in your new objective. You want to fly high and your mind will be brimming with confidence and high energy. 


You may like to start a new initiative or find yourself in good books with your superiors. You may take up some key role and work hard towards it and find success. Your family will be supportive of you. You may find some interesting people supporting you in your endeavours. 


You may be put in charge of some important task at your work place. For those in romance, it may be the right time to propose your partner. Try to meditate and focus on spirituality. Your partner may want a break up with you, but it is just a passing phase and just go with the flow.


You may find mentally tough to move on to next stage and will find troubles on all end. However, those troubles that you see are your own make and you can easily resolve them if you are positive. Your leadership and management skills will be recognised and rewarded. Overall a great day to be in.

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